LG’s Holiday lineup showcase

Toronto, ON – Oct/2008 LG invited us to the Pantages Hotel and Spa to view their Holiday line up of products for the season.  On display was a wide array of products from computers, to cell phones, to television, all of which LG has built quite a reputation in each segment.  Console Creatures picks the best of the bunch that reflect LG as a leader in innovation and design.

Cell Phones

LG showcased their competitors in the cell phone market where some seemed to be in direct competition with other products out there but added that specific LG design touch that set’s it apart.

The LG Wine can be comparable to the Razr but with a metallic casing (in gold and silver) the Wine adds a bit more luxury in the perception of the consumer giving the phone a bit more flash and sophistication to the phone as opposed to others.  A nice added touch is the ability to customize your interface font with a set that comes preloaded as well as the ability to change the font size that best fits your needs.  In addition, the keypad buttons on the phone are more easily accessible with it being larger providing a better opportunity to input data more accurately the first time.
The LG Wine is available at Bell Canada for $79 with a 3 year contract.

The most unique design for phones on display was the LG Keybo.  Exclusive to Telus Mobility in Canada, this is a convenient hybrid of a cell phone with the option of a QWERTY keyboard for the ever so active texting community.   Not compromising on size the phone is about the size of your palm and is still generally thin.  On the outside is a dial pad and mini screen providing accessibility for quick information like time and incoming calls.  The phone however flips open horizontally providing a full screen with a complimenting QWERTY keyboard.  In addition, it has become the standard for phones to play mp3 audio with expandable memory (via memory card), but the Keybo takes it one step further including stereo speakers to play your music with out the need for headphones.  The Keybo is the perfect phone for those not looking for the in depth features offered by a smartphone and by design it enhances the typical everyday use of a mobile phone.
The Keybo is available exclusively @ Telus Mobility for $49 with a 3 year contract.

Home Entertainment

The LG Scarlett (LCD) and Renaissance (Plasma) continue LG’s reputation for sleek design and performance. The LG Scarlet in particular is provided in a scarlet red, along with an illuminated LG logo (in a very tasteful and subtle manner).

The Scarlet and Renaissance provides everything you expect from a top notch HDTV for HD Cable, Blu-Ray and gaming experiences. Both models also come with a USB slot to allow for pictures and music to be played on the TV allowing you to create a custom slide show when entertaining guests.

BD300 Super Blu dual HD player – $399
42LG60 LCD 42″ LCD TV (“Scarlett”) – $1,999
50PG70 50″ plasma TV (“Renaissance”) – $2,499

DVD players of any kind are a dime a dozen these days, but those with extended DVD libraries who don’t see the need to make the jump to Blu-Ray, LG has provided a DVD player loaded with options.  The DP392 is a portable DVD player that also serves as a digital picture frame.  On top of this, the player comes with a TV out option and remote for home viewing.  The player is also able to play DivX files for the avid downloader along with an expandable memory card slot.
The model comes at a justifiable price of $249.

For those cramped for space but do not want to give up on quality and design for all your audio and video purposes come LG’s FB163 model.  Available in a eloquent polished jet black, the interface is all touch sensitive for your commands (if the remote doesn’t suit you) with an intuitive circle scroll for total touch navigation.  The FB163 also has video playback via DVD and DivX, and comes with a built in Ipod dock, line-ins, and 160W speakers w/2 subwoofers.
FB163 tabletop audio system – $279


Two extremes were showcased in the laptop department from the ultra slim to laptops that are bigger but serve as a portable alternative to your home desktop computer.  The E300 (available in pink and black) is LG’s ultra portable note book, at 13.3 inch screen size, for primarily entertainment purposes however nothing is substantially given up in power with  an ATI graphics card and Intel 2 Core Duo chip.  The only item that is absent is a disc drive for reading dvd/cds but sold separately is an external drive that is slim in its own right and matches the laptop design quite well.  If you are looking for something with more power at generally the same size the P300 model is also available in a Zebra designed casing exclusively at Future Shop.

Admittedly, the S900 is a notebook that is not very portable but serves as a replacement to your desktop computer.  Meeting the performance standards of any up to date desktop computer, using the S900 rather than a desktop provides you with that in house portability to move your computer as you please around your household wherever you maybe.
S900 Desknote notebook computer – $949,E300 Xnote notebook computer – $919,P300 XNote notebook computer – $1,799.

No matter what you electronics need this holiday season, LG will meet it in a sophisticated style design that is unique to LG.   SEAN C.

~ by consolecreatures on October 23, 2008.

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