Telus Storms in with the new Blackberry


Console Creatures was on hand December 08, 2008 in Toronto, Canada for the official launch of the Blackberry Storm. With the release of RIM’s first touch screen device available through Telus, there was definitely reason for celebration. Indeed a celebration was had as invited guests flowed into the venue to get some hands on with the new flagship phone.

Graffitti by Mike Spazz

Grafitti by Mike Spazz

The media in attendance enjoyed the celebration while Telus iterated that the Storm is not only for the business types that have grown so accustomed to Blackberry products, but accessible to everyone in a time of “smartphones for all”. With the reputation and recognition of the Blackberry brand, the Storm will automatically become a strong competitor and stand on it’s own against other top tier touch screen phones already in the market.

featured Storm artists The Star perform for the crowd

featured Storm artists The Stars perform for the crowd

With the Storm coming preloaded with Canadian music talents in audio and video form upon purchase, some of the artists were on hand to let you know what to expect when you first turn on your new touch screen Blackberry. Special guests The Stars were on stage with a performance for the crowd and Brendan Canning of Broken Social Scene fame hit the turnables as he Dj’ed the rest of the night. Completing the hip/urban theme of the night was an exhibit from graffiti artist Mike Spazz.

Brendan Canning of Broken Social Scene takes a break from his Dj duties for Console Creatures

Brendan Canning of Broken Social Scene takes a break from his Dj duties for Console Creatures

Getting a preview of the phone at the kiosk set up at the event, a couple things were prevalent instantaneously with out the need for further review. First, the Storm is still a Blackberry with all the messaging perks unique to the brand. Secondly, the touch screen provided a physical clicking reaction to every push on the screen giving the user assurance/feedback of their data entry. However the screen did still react if lightly pressed as you were able to scroll up and down and highlight menu options before selecting and pressing fully on the screen. Lastly, with so much technical potential to be explored on the phone, I’m left wondering and excited as to what the Blackberry Application library has in store for the new Storm.

hey look! behind you!...huh? there was no Storm there...what are you talking about?

hey look! behind you!...sorry false alarm...huh? there was no Storm there...what are you talking about?

As always stay tuned right here @ Console Creatures for a full, in-depth review of Blackberry’s new powerhouse.  Sean C

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