Gore, blood, and guts. Now who doesn’t enjoy a good zombie movie? Dawn of the Dead, Land of the Dead, 28 days later, even Shaun of the dead leaves me wanting more in the end. Now I know everyone has seen a zombie movie, imagining themselves running for their lives against dozens of undead fiends. With Left 4 Dead you actually get to live that dream but you get to bring a friend or two.


From the first mission to the last, the game always keeps you screaming like the little school girl you truly are. You can have up to four friends to have your back when you’re fighting the horde. Each section has its high intensity points and all the levels are as true to cinema feel it could possibly be. The multiplayer is a little skittish at first but can be overlooked since it is quite an original game. Once you get used to using the different zombie characters, in the end it becomes pretty damn fun. When you go through the campaign you will have a hard time with each section and it will always be new. You’re sometimes left to believe as with with all games, as you play it more and more it gets easier and more repetitive. This is what I thought until I went for the expert achievement and well, it’s a whole new story. On normal, once you get good the creature named tank is just, well, a big annoying zombie. On Expert you set the entire level around each tank encounter and it takes much more tactics and believe me, as much as you like playing with “MudflapLicker” online, if he sucks, he won’t be playing on expert with you.


There are only four campaigns in the game and once you beat each one a few times it starts to get pretty old. We can only all hope that the boys from Valve send an expansion (preferably free!).  The expert difficulty is damn near impossible but still beatable. Even so, the level of difficulty can be incredibly frustrating at times. The fact that the game inputs the “special infected” randomly always keeps you on your toes and consistently scared.   However, when you are working to get the witch achievement for not disturbing her and they put the stupid broad in the middle of a door way it can piss you off. It can be entertaining though, as I have seen a fatboy beat a witch to borderline startle because she was in his way to get to us.

Here’s the DealLeft 4 Dead lets you play out as one of the characters you have seen in all those zombie movies. The fact that you can play with four of your friends makes it very hard to put down. The multiplayer needs a little work but it is still very solid. The achievements are all a challenge to get but still very attainable. I believe it is a very good game to have in your library and something that you can’t afford to miss. 9/10


Jeremy “Unbeatable04” Menge

Unbeatable04, from California, has been a long time clan member of ours on XBOXLive. His FPS talent is definitely on par with PRO-Gamer caliber. Now here’s the scary part.  Jeremy’s sister might be even better!

Look for more of Unbeatable04’s installments coming right up.

~ by consolecreatures on January 29, 2009.

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