The PSP Renaissance in 2009


Today at Destination Playstation, SCEA reiterated the fact the PSP will experience a renaissance of sorts in 2009.  After a slow second half of 2008, a bevy of titles were announced today already joining the likes of Loco Roco 2, Resistance: Retribution, Patapon 2, Phantasy Star Portable, Tenchu, Final Fantasy Dissidia and Persona.  Continuing the strategy of unique PSP versions of popular franchises, Sony truly did not disappoint avid PSP owners today.

From Sony themselves, they will release a PSP iteration of the groundbreaking Little Big Planet, as well as a new entry into the Motorstorm series with Artic Edge.  Harmonix will join in on the party with Rock Band Unplugged which seems to play in the vein of pre-Rock Band Harmonix titles like Amplitude and Frequency.  Assassins Creed will also be getting the PSP treatment after (though yet to be confirmed directly due to) an online petition to UbiSoft to bring the game to the PSP and complimented with a corresponding system bundle.

UbiSoft will also release their Petz franchise to the PSP in new efforts to attract a younger female audience.  To solidly the efforts a new Hannah Montana Rhythm game from Disney Interactive and PSP bundle with a new Lilac colored PSP will also be introduced.

Possibly on the flip side of tween girls, EA sports has pledged their continued support for the PSP with Madden ’10 and Tiger Woods ’10 slated for release.  This time there will be more focus on PSP gameplay as well connectivity with the PS3.  Sean C.


A new Lilac PSP for tweens eh...I still want it...I should be good just as long as I got Assassin's Creed going...and not my Hannah Montana video UMD (casually puts in pocket)

See below for more details on all titles:

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., February 24, 2009 – At its annual retail and publisher conference Destination PlayStation®, Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) announced its unprecedented line up for PSP®(PlayStation®Portable), including a new hardware offering that extends the PSP market to young female gamers, the debut of blockbuster franchises MotorStorm® and LittleBigPlanetTM on the platform, and major software support from Disney Interactive, Electronic Arts, MTV Games, Square Enix, Ubisoft, and other publishing partners.

With a rapidly growing install base, the PSP platform is riding a wave of momentum that will be paired with a new hardware offering and its best software line up to date, demonstrating significant support from SCEA’s publishing partners. Two new limited-edition PSP Entertainment Packs will be available in 2009, bundling everything consumers need to jump onto the PSP platform, from the hardware to games, videos, and other content – all for $199.99 (MSRP).

Hannah Montana PSP Entertainment Pack – As part of a new focus on expanding the PSP market to female gamers, SCEA will launch this new bundle in July. The pack includes the introduction of the “Lilac” PSP system, Disney Interactive’s Hannah Montana PSP game (an exclusive dancing and rhythm action game for gamers to design the show and go on tour as the teen icon), a selection episodes from the Hannah Montana TV series on UMD, a 2GB Memory Stick PRO Duo, and stickers to customize the PSP.

Assassin’s CreedTM PSP Entertainment Pack – Ubisoft will debut an exclusive installment of the popular Assassin’s Creed franchise on PSP later this year. To commemorate this highly anticipated title, SCEA will launch a new bundle that includes the game, a “Piano Black” PSP, and other content that will be announced later.

SCEA’s push toward teen and “tween” girl gamers will also be supported by Ubisoft’s Petz® software line, which will make its debut on PSP with new, unique titles later this year. The Petz series allows young players to create and care for cute, furry pets chosen from many different breeds of dogs, cats, horses, hamsters, dolphins, tigers and bunnies.

Publisher support for the PSP system will continue throughout the year with Rock Band UnpluggedTM, launching exclusively on PSP. MTV Games and Harmonix announced separately that gamers will be able to take Rock Band Unplugged on the road with the first ever portable version of the popular music and gaming experience. Rock Band Unplugged will take center stage as it leverages the PSP system’s Wi-Fi capabilities and becomes the first PSP game to include a fully-featured in-game store for downloadable content in the North American and Europeans markets.

The third party support for PSP will continue throughout the year with a stellar line up of titles from EA SPORTS. Madden NFL 10 will enable NFL fans to build their own formations and plays from scratch on the PSP. Then, through connectivity with the PS3, the plays can be downloaded and perfected on the console. In addition, Madden NFL 10 will deliver a faster and more “PSP-friendly” gameplay experience to adapt to the PSP owner’s lifestyle. And for the golf fans out there, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® 10 will allow gamers to experience the drama of major golf tournaments with revamped gameplay modes for on and offline play.  Look for more EA SPORTS titles to be announced for the PSP this year.

From a first party perspective, SCEA will bring its biggest franchises from the PS3 to the PSP this year, starting with MotorStorm® Arctic Edge and LittleBigPlanetTM in Fall 2009. These titles will be built from the ground up for PSP, offering users a unique portable experience based on the critically acclaimed franchises. Following are details for each game:

LittleBigPlanetDeveloped in conjunction with MediaMolecule, the critically acclaimed game LittleBigPlanet makes its way to the PSP, offering new SackBoyTM adventures with the same play, create, share experience for gamers on-the-go, in addition to brand new levels and environments specifically created for the platform.

MotorStorm Arctic Edge – Developed by the award-winning Bigbig Studios, the team behind the best-selling Pursuit ForceTM series, MotorStorm Arctic Edge sees the music, the festival and the brutal off-road racing arrive in the breathtaking yet lethal and unpredictable setting of Alaska. The game is also expected to hit the PlayStation 2 platform in Fall of 2009.

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