I’ll admit it.  If you slap the tag “Limited Edition” chances are, I’m gonna snap it up – Even a Limited Edition DVD of  Steven Seagal’s ATTACK FORCE!  Ok,  bad  example.

On the other hand, and in another world, Halo Wars hits the shelves this week and it’s packin’ a pretty neat assortment of  UNSC goodness – and for only an extra ten bucks!  Heck, that could be a mere trade-in of say, 9 or 10 copies of Steven Seagal’s Attack Force DVD. That concludes my reference to this movie -Just don’t  EVER make movies in Eastern Europe folks.

Here’s what you get:

Three New Halo 3 Multiplayer Maps

A Hardbound Graphic Novel  called Halo Wars: Genesis

A Unique In-Game Vehicle: “Honor Guard” Wraith

A set of 6 Leader cards

A Spirit of fire Patch

There’s also a small “TAG” on the back packaging that you can snap from your cell phone (via a free App), to view some more Halo Wars info on your phone.  HALO WARS will be available on March 3 for $69.99  for the Regular Edition and $79.99 for the Limited Edition.


Halo Wars sees players commanding an army of UNSC soldiers from the starship, Spirit of Fire, in their quest to stop the Covenant forces from unleashing a new power buried within the depths of the planet Harvest. Along with an intuitive control scheme and epic cinematics that shed new light on the Halo universe, Halo Wars was built from the ground-up for the Xbox 360 and proves to be one of Ensemble Studios’ best games yet.

~ by consolecreatures on March 1, 2009.


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