I have been waiting for sometime for a fun new game. I don’t know if it’s just me but I’m getting tired of the same shooters. Going from an mp5 to an mp40 with the same “dot site” is honestly no improvement at all, black or red.

Resident evil has been a classic from the beginning as a shooter, but I believe even now, especially now, it has hit the shelves at a very good time. With Halo, Gears and COD (all great games), RE5 is something different but also something familiar and fun. The best part of this installment of course is the inclusion of multiplayer, which is too hard to resist. I had only played the full installment for a couple of chapters but my review does not change to far from the demo.

Versus Mode - A sweet addition from Capcom.

Versus Mode - A sweet addition from Capcom.


Co-op is extremely fun and gives a lot of additional play time to an already flawless campaign. There is nothing like playing with a buddy on this classic horror franchise that, you can’t deny, were too scared to play by yourself. At least your buddy has a better weapon then a high pitch voice this time around. The graphics of course are also perfect for this generation all contributing to the excitement and intense “shit hits the fan” moments which are truly unforgettable.


The game controls are as slow as the rest of the Resident Evil games which is truly a downfall.  However, without the limited reflexes and the scary corners this game would not be the same.  From the demo review I really thought they would change the reload sequence so you could finish it much better, but they had failed to fix that. The only other true complaint I would have would be that you can’t exchange power weapons between each other whether it is upgraded or not.

Chris and Sheva are currently not speaking. Something to do with not sharing power weapons or something.

Chris and Sheva are currently not speaking to each other. Something to do with not sharing power weapons or something.

Here’s the Deal

Besides those few cons I think this game does a superb job to introduce the multiplayer into an originally formatted one player franchise. This game in my mind has always been a must buy for all five installments and to miss this one whether you have played any of them or not would be a true neglect. This game is graphically gorgeous, multiplayer friendly and excellent single player. 9.5/10

Jeremy M.  Gamertag: Unbeatable04


~ by consolecreatures on March 16, 2009.


  1. 10/10 Rating
    Resident Evil 5
    This Game was just awsome, in all ways story,graphics and gameplay..
    It was just a fun game to play with my xbox live Friends.
    Oh, and Thumbs up to your review 🙂

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