Speakal’s iPanda is SOoooo iCUTE!


The latest in Speakal’s line of trendy and powerful audio systems with a built in iPod docking station. The iPanda combines quality, performance, compatibility and style into one compact iPod audio solution. Audio engineers designed the iPanda with 5 speakers which combine to deliver 25 watts of premium sound you would expect from much larger and more costly systems. The unique design elements enable the iPanda to produce 360° sound, insuring the entire room feels the same high intensity sound.

“Today’s consumer is looking to their electronics for personal expression in addition to high quality components and great value,” said CEO David Solomon. “We are proud to be releasing the iPanda which we believe satisfies the consumers needs in one small, yet powerful package,” added Solomon.

The iPanda Features:

  • High Quality Sound – 4 speakers, a 4″ subwoofer and 25 watts of powerful sound. Adjustable Bass Control with Bass Reflex Technology. 360° Sound Distribution. Onboard Hi-Fi amplifier, dynamic airflow optimizer, interior dynamic cooling exchange and high sound stabilization to produce a clear powerful sound.
  • Extensive Compatibility – iPod dock with various included cradles, standard auxiliary 3.5 mm input jack providing connectivity to most portable and non portable audio players, gaming consoles, mobile gaming devices, cellular phones, desktop PCs, laptops and various other devices.
  • Striking Design Elements – Patented volume control by touching the left and right ears. The iPanda’s small footprint easily masks itself as a decorative piece and includes rubberized feet to prevent rattling. The smiley mouth lights up when the iPanda is powered on and blinks when receives commands from the remote. As GREEN and RoHS product, the iPanda efficiently utilizes minimal energy and is designed using environmentally friendly components and non-hazardous materials.
  • Remote Control – Complete with audio controls as well as iPod menu functionality

 The iPanda is available now and retails for $139.99 and includes a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

~ by consolecreatures on April 24, 2009.

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