whatchaPLAYINGMAY8HEY GANG!  Friday means it’s time for the Console Creatures crew to give us the what-what on their dinner plate of gaming fun this weekend.  We’d love to hear what you guys are up to as well! Feel free to chime in with your gaming happenings this weekend.

photo2I’ve been doing abit of shopping on the PSN as of late. I just purchased the cool little Zombie shooter BURN ZOMBIE BURN on the PSN this week, and as Dane Cook would say, “It’s a Blasty-Blast!” I also added some Wheel of Fortune to my shopping cart. Sean C. is STILL ducking me in some online MLB09: The Show, and with his main slugger Man-Ram now suspended for 50 games, I don’t see him returning my game invites anytime soon. Over on Xbox360, I’m looking forward to checking out the Canadian World-exclusive Beta for 1 vs 100. Don’t forget to watch the STARZ awesome comedy PARTY DOWN! Only 2 more episodes left.  James – PSN/Gamertag: elSCIENTIFICO

ubMy weekend might not have enough gaming in it, with my new job building a hotel in no other place other then Hollywood itself Saturday i will be working, leaving my house at 3:00Am and not getting back until 4:30pm. On sunday im moving into a new house with much to much space for only me and my fiance but if i get a chance i will be smashing on either some Halo 3 Or Gears of War 2. I havent really been giving those two games enough attention and frankly, when in doubt you gotta take your chainsaw out.
Jeremy “Unbeatable04” Menge.

photoThis weekend I need to rest up so I’m gonna take it easy and play some “Wheel of Fortune” (PSN). I’m a little rusty on my names, places and events but it’s so much fun to play… except for the ugly outfit options and that damn bankruptcy card on the wheel that seems to get ya when you least expect it!
I also might do some ballerina zombie killing in the game “Burn Zombie Burn” (PSN)…. Totally loving the lawn mower and chainsaw weapons!!! Oh and it’s too much fun lighting zombies on fire and/or making them dance!!!  Game girl Tess

DSC00430My weekend of gaming will consist of my essential 3 Ps.  For the PSP, I’ll be going through Patapon 2 for my review article of the game.  For the PS3, I’ll be putting in some time with the inFAMOUS demo for a hands-on write up as well.  PURE just got patched with trophies so I’ll be doing some hunting for some there, as well as GTA 4 and Little Big Planet (which for some reason after the announced Judge Dredd stickers I feel compelled to get all the useless stickers and costume packs that have interested me in the past).  I’ve also been contemplating hard whether to get the new PS Home studio spaces to see if I can make a neat little episodic show for my own enjoyment.  As for my PC, I’ll be trying to get the graphic settings just right for Crysis Warhead, as well as get in some time with Left 4 Dead on Steam.  Hope to watch Star Trek this weekend but I doubt it since I hate watching movies in full movie theatres.
p.s. Oh yeah…I’ll be ducking elSCIENTIFCO on MLB: The Show 09 since my superstar is suspended for juicin’.  For the record our series is at 4-1 (me) I believe…but I have a feeling he’s much better than me now.
Sean C.  PSN/Steam: shonathan

~ by consolecreatures on May 8, 2009.

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