Whatcha Playin’ (Pre E3 edition)

ubThis weekend if I get some extra time I will probably get into Prey, a game I recently bought that was released a few years back. It was under ten bucks so I decided to try it out and get some gamerpoints at the same time.  Like usual, I will probably jump on some Halo for a bit, but i have been feeling the Call of Duty 4 again so i might get back into that I almost have my golden sniper and it irritates me that i dont have it yet.
Jeremy “Unbeatable04” Menge

photo2Aside from getting ready for all the E3 action and soaking up all the spanking new game trailers, we’ve still got games piling up for review-right now. I get to fire up the Wii this weekend to whip out a review of Steve Spielberg’s/EA’s Boom Blox Bash Party. The Console gang is also thinking about hitting the driving range this weekend –I think it was the announcement of EA’s Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Online authentic golf simulation experience talkin’ there. James S.

DSC00430This weekend I’m looking to start to clear my trophy/achievement backlog in anticipation of  the announcements and eventual release of a whole batch of new games starting at E3.  That includes getting at least a couple more trophies/Steam Achievements this weekend for the following: Little Big Planet, GTA 4, Pure, Mercs 2, Killzone 2 inFamous, Braid, and Left 4 Dead.
IF I have time with family visiting I want to check out the new BUZZ! Home space as well as the PSP demos for Rock Band Unplugged, Holy! Invasion of Privacy, and Monster Hunter.
I’ll also be clearing out some work by finishing up my Wolverine review, as well as one for Secret Agent Clank for the PS2.  Sean C.
PSN/Steam: shonathan

photoThis weekend I’m gonna get back to some wrestling on WWE Smackdown vs. Raw! Maybe even put my belt up for grabs… Anyone wanna challenge me! lol!
Ps… Anyone out there know if there’s a soundtrack available out there for WWE?? The songs are so epic.. I punch dance around my livingroom everytime I play!! Tess.

~ by consolecreatures on May 29, 2009.

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