Sony E3 09: Final Fantasy 7 now available for download and new PSN titles announced


Today at Sony’s E3 conference, Final Fantasy 13 was shown and looked nothing short of gorgeous as well as the announcement of Square Enix’s next MMO in Final Fantasy 14 exclusive to PS3.  However,  with the Blu-Ray movie of FF7: Advent Children getting it’s NA release, a successful PSP prequel in Crisis Core, Final Fantasy 7 is still the biggest installment in the storied franchise.  Today, Sony announced that finally the NA region will get to download the original title that some  say catapulted the original Playstation to stardom and opened a whole new market for JRPGs in North America.  This will be part of the initiative to have at least 60 PSone classics up on the Playstation Store by years end.

In addition, with the release of the digital content only PSPgo, new and old PSP titles released on UMD will also be getting a digital release on the Store.

To round out the emphasis on the Playstation Store, PSN only titles have also been announced for PS3 and PSP.  These include Gravity Crash, Hustle Kings and most notably a PSP version of Fat Princess titled “Fistful of Cake”.

Official details below:

Several PlayStation Network titles for both the PS3 and PSP systems were announced at E3, adding to the robust lineup of over 200 downloadable games available for PlayStation Store. For the PS3 system, Gravity Crash from developer Just Add Water melds a vintage gravity based arcade shooter with High Definition (HD) graphics, and Hustle Kings, from VooFoo Studios, is the PS3 system’s first photorealistic billiards simulator.  For the PSP system, Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake brings a fun and strategic medieval battle royale unlike anything seen before on the portable system. In addition, the PlayStation Store will deliver more than 60 PS one Classics by the end of the year and will launch Final Fantasy VII and Medal of Honor on PlayStation Store today.

Starting this fall, many PSP titles that will be launched on UMD will also be offered digitally on PlayStation Store in North America.  This will add nearly 300 games from the PSP system’s library available for download through PlayStation Network.

PlayStation Network is built on a legacy of gaming and continues to expand into a premier entertainment platform with innovative and compelling content options for people to enjoy on multiple devices.


~ by consolecreatures on June 2, 2009.

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