Whatcha Playin’ (June 20th)


photoThis weekend I’m going to check out the new My Sims Racing (wii). My fav has always been Mario Kart.. So I’m curious to see how this one stacks up!

I’m excited to see the option to customize your own car!! This game looks fun! I’ll let ya know next week how it goes!
Game Girl Tess

photo2Got some cool single-player action with Prototype and Infamous on my plate for this weekend.  My PS3 online buddies (you know who you are!) are still duckin’ me from playing some SMACKDOWN VS RAW 09 –they heard I currently hold ALL the belts and what no part of me…It’s cool though, because in a way, it’s like real wrestling. Stay tuned for cool video content featuring NHL 10 and NINTENDO events next week. James S.

DSC00430This weekend I’ll be on a free content tear firstly for my PC, at least signing up for Quake Live, Sony’s Free Realms, Atlus’ free MMORPG Neosteam and the U.S. Army’s recruitment video game America’s Army 3.  I’m also going to check out Playstation Home’s new SOCOM space (first of two) and get into some SOCOM Confrontation again (probably one of the most underated games for the PS3…after all the patches and updates).
Steam/PSN: shonathan

~ by consolecreatures on June 20, 2009.

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