Whatcha Playin’ – (pre) Canada Day Weekend


photo2Since it’s kinda too-hot to play some baseball in our stinky Strike-Mad city, it’s gonna be a busy weekend of gaming! I’ve already dug into a care package of SEGA titles that just arrived (Thanks Tali!!) I’m loving House O the dead:Overkill and Madworld-finally! My Wii has never been so MOUTHY!! We also got Guitar Hero Smash Hits for the Xbox360 and Modern Hits for the DS. Plus,this weekend I plan to start a 30 day challenge on EA’s Active. I’m sweating  just writing this!  James S.

photoHey! This weekend I’m going to be out and about on church street taking in the Pride day festivities! But if I find myself at home at all I’m going to check out EA’s Active for the Wii. Who needs a gym when you can workout at home!! So I’ll do some squats, get in the boxing ring… maybe a lil volleyball! Then once I’ve burned a few calories, I’ll sit down and enjoy a few laps on the My Sims Racing (also on Wii). It’s super fun, great tracks and awesome power-ups!! My favs are bunny luv and UFO 🙂
Oh and I also wanna check out Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection (XBOX360). So stoked to play some of my old favs…. And explore the ones I never had as a kid!Wow looks like it’s gonna be a busy weekend afterall!!  Game Girl Tess

DSC00430This weekend I’ll be spending most of my time outdoors since my A/C is broken and won’t be fixed until Canada Day making my house a live-in sauna.  However, I’m finally going to crack open Rock Band Unplugged for my PSP and get my face scanned to start boxing career in Fight Night Round 4.  Since I’ll be in a sporty mood I might try to catch some online matches of Hot Shots Golf and finally start a career on MLB The Show 2009.  Sean C.
steam/PSN: shonathan

avatarpic-lI’m finally done with my exams so I’m going to be catching up on some of what I’ve missed out on over the last month.  That means I’ll be hitting up some infamous, and hopefully a little Red Faction Guerrilla.  Julian C.

~ by consolecreatures on June 27, 2009.

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