Fat Princess Review (PS3/PSN)

fat princess review

As players interchange between six classes, they enter the world of Fat Princess where two warring kingdoms plan take each others princess as captive.  Each princess is strangely addicted to cake and thus, making the of job holding her captive simple, and the task of rescuing her tough on the muscles.  Console Creatures takes a look at this PSN exclusive and see if the haul is worth it’s weight.

The Pros

One can’t help but be enamored initially by the art style and humourous presence of the game.  Fat Princess plays out like a satirical take on a medieval fairy tale with an art style that is deceptively cute.  I say deceptively, since that beneath the cartoonish exterior lies a bloody game eager to present itself.  The quirkiness of the title is re-inforced through out the game from the silly stroyline of the single player campaign, the ability to turn enemies and yourself into chickens, and one-liners from the otherwise serious sounding narrator like “They are in our base killing our dudes!”.

fat princess 1

The game play itself is an interesting and enjoyable take on the capture the flag genre where you are in control of one in a team to acheive a certain goal.    This creates a dependency on your teammates whether they be live members or AI bots for success.  The actual character you control has customizable features to give him/her that personal flare as you head into battle.  You start off as a villager and can choose from 5 other classes each with their own discernible ability by putting the assigned hat whether it be from a machine in your castle or from a recently deceased player.  The Villager can carry the princess the fastest, the Warrior, the Ranger for long range attacks, the Mage for fire and ice spells, the Priest for replinishing or draining health and the most important, but probably the least glamourous of the classes, is the worker.  As the worker, you’re not as effective in the trenches of battle like the other classes, but play an integral part in team strategy with the ability to collect resources, upgrade classes, repair the castle walls, and create useful invasion tools unique to the game.  As previously mentioned, you control one member in a team, so it is essential the remainder of the team is balanced between the classes depending on the goal, giving it that strategic element and challenge.   While all this happens in a match whenever a princess is involved, there is always the option consistantly feeding her cake making it harder for the other team to carry.

The game also includes a single player campaign that provides an entertaining story while introducing you to the four game modes present in multi player (Deathmatch, Tower Capture, kidnap the Princess, rescue the Princess). There is a total of nine maps in the game where some of them are very well put together for an online match with castles within catapult range and secret passages to sneak up from giving you multiple points of invasion.

The Cons

Within those same maps, there are some that limit your options in a match leading to inevitable stalemates.   Especially when you’re playing the two of the 4 game modes that include the Princess, some maps tend to only provide one point of entry/attack leading to an only strategy of an attack rush from each side, hoping that a couple may sneak through, grab the princess, and make their way back through the same access point and still survive (slim).

fat princess 2

While the maps can contribute to stalemates and endless tug of wars, the dependency on your teammate will also determine whether or not you’re endlessly in a match that feels like it’s going no where.  Therefore, if you don’t have a group of friends that you’re not comfortable communicating with, or you don’t have a headset, you’re already at a disadvantage.  The organization of your team will greatly dictate your success online, from ensuring certain tasks are being taken care of, to a uniform point of entry/attack.  The more you are aware of a team strategy the greater chances a match is not prolonged.  Otherwise, if you’re in a match (particularly one involving capturing the princess), with both or one of the teams mindlessly doing each of their own individual things within, the match will either take an extended period of time to play out, or too quickly with an organized team prevailing.  The possibility of a stalemate is also still present when both teams are highly organized but because of some of the maps, options are limited.

Here’s the Deal

Fat Princess is a unique game that captures you with it’s fast and diverse action and an art style that creates it own personality.  However, the game can be prone to online matches that generally go nowhere for a long periods of time depending on the maps and the organization level of your team.  Though it may be tough to play through an extended tug of war, the multi- player and introductory single player gameplay is always entertaining with it’s humour, the unique blend strategic and action gameplay, and the diverstiy of the maps and classes that will keep you coming back.  Fat Princess is truly a brand new experience on any console and should be a active mainstay on the PSN for quite some time.  8/10  Sean C.

~ by shonathan on August 12, 2009.

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