Whatcha Playin’ (Aug. 15th)


photo2JAMESWith Madden out as well as NFL Pre-season action cranking up, I’ve got the Pigskin fever! We just got our copies for the Wii and Xbox360, so COD, Smackdown 09 and Tiger might need to get introduced to some apartment dust for abit. I just love the ‘Everything you see on sunday is in the game’ feature!! Just like my Cowboys, I’ll be in training camp mode -gotta put my time in before I put the word out for an online co-op teammate. Go Cowboys!!  James S.



Firstly, I’ll be playing through the revamped and restylized Madden 10 (Wii) for an upcoming review.  I’ll be staying on the Wii for week 3 of my 30 day EA Active Challenge.  I’m also going to be hitting up my PC as I continue to play Bionic Commando which is actually not bad for such a commercial bomb (R.I.P Grin Studios), as well as Battlestations Pacific as I continue to get some hands on time with the Thrustmaster flightstick. Speaking of bombs, I’ll also be putting in time with G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra for part three of my Summer Movie Game Review. In addition to all that my quest to unlock everything in Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds continues, and have been pretty tempted to to get some Rock Band Unplugged DLC as I continue my world tour on the go.  Sean C.
PSN/Steam: shonathan

photoThis weekend I feel like hitting the greens and getting back into Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10! Let’s see how many hole in ones I can score! Then when I finish the course I’ll practice my high flyer moves with Mysterio in WWE Smackdown vs. Raw.  Game Girl Tess.

~ by consolecreatures on August 15, 2009.

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