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As many of the big titles migrate from the fall/holiday season of 2009 to  early 2010, one big title you can count on making it’s yearly appearance is the Smackdown vs. Raw franchise.  Hitting the canvas this November, the 2010 version will feature an improved character creation mode now with a higher level of customization and the ability to create your own clothing, logo, and tatoos.  Players will also be able to direct their own storylines with the WWE Story Designer creating and directing aspects like location, camera angles, and the script.  With the addition of these new customization features along with improvements on the existing creation tools, players can also now share their creativity  online via upload and can easily be found by others with a built in search engine.  As the Smackdown vs Raw franchise heads for another yearly release, this years iteration focuses on improving and expanding the players ability to create, customize and share with others while still including the gameplay that has made Smackdown vs Raw the number 1 selling fighting franchise.

Trailers and Screenshots below:

SUMMERSLAM TeaserTrailer:

Screenshots (PS3/360)

~ by consolecreatures on August 25, 2009.

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