WHATCHA PLAYIN’ (Labour Day Weekend)

photo2Looks like we’ll continue our week’s Guitar Hero 5 (XBOX360) shredfest well into the long weekend especially, since Mark ‘aka’ Molecules is coming in from Cow-Town (that’s Calgary) for some fun and a little work on the site. I made a huge mistake of not warming up and charging into a Carlos Santana track! Do you really need eight solos Carlos!? That hurt.
Batman: Arkham Asylum (PS3) is obviously still fresh, so I’ll continue with my Joker antics with that and having just run into the Xbox Canada peeps I was given a copy of LIPS to add to the weekend playlist. Enjoy the long weekend!  James S.

DSC00430This weekend I’ll be finishing up my time with Batman: Arkham Asylum (man this game is a trophy gold mine!) while going through some of the challenge rooms with the Joker (PS3 version).  Other than that I’ll be logging some hours with Final Fantasy Dissidia and some Fight Night Round 4 with the recently purchased Klitschko brothers.  Gran Turismo PSP is fast approaching and I’m more hyped for it than ever (especially with a still unannounced date for GT5, and the nice piece they did on portable version in Qore) so I’ll be popping in some Gran Turismo 5: Prologue Spec III and finally unlock more cars and see what’s new with the built in GTTV.  As for another type of gaming, I’ll be hitting up the dirty CNE casino looking to spend a WHOLE night at the roulette tables fighting for positioning amongst my gold chained southeast asian brethrens.  Sean C.
PSN/Steam: shonathan

profile picThis long weekend will be filled with Guitar Hero 5 action, rocking out with my …….. , well, however that saying goes.  We’ve had a blast jamming to the good beats the past few days, but it’s time to get my guitar picking skills up to the next level.  I’m ashamed to admit it, but I’m still stuck on easy!!  For a chance of pace, I’m in the mood to dust off some of my driving games to prepare for the soon-to-be-released next segment in the Need For Speed series.  Forza 2 and Gran Turismo 5 Prologue are my current favorites, and will definitely get some play time this weekend.  Vrrrooooom Vroooom!!  Zoltan N.

photoThis weekend I’m gonna play some good ol’ fashioned Mario Kart! This game has got to be one if my all time favs 😉 I also wanna play more Arkam Asylum (PS3). This game is super fun and super creepy if you play as the Joker. Love the look of this game too!  Game Girl Tess.


~ by consolecreatures on September 5, 2009.

3 Responses to “WHATCHA PLAYIN’ (Labour Day Weekend)”

  1. MAN! that was one HELL of a Guitar Hero 5 marathon we had this long weekend. My left wrist is killing me.

  2. right…”Guitar Hero” hurt your wrists….

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