Whatcha Playin’ – Sept 12 2009

whatcha playin _sept 12 

photo2I was bummed about the ModNation Racers Beta not ready to go upon cracking open Little Big Planet: Game of the Year Edition, but we had Dirt 2 to fall back on. Everyone at Console HQ are still going strong with Guitar Hero 5 and with the demo for NBA LIVE 10 going…umm…live, I’ll be doing some alley-oopin’ this weekend in between NFL week 1 and WWE Breaking Point.  James S.

profile picThis weekend, it’s still all about some more Guitar Hero 5 (I’m officially on medium level now, after many hours of practice this past week!), and I’ll be continuing my journey through Dirt 2, a fun, arcade-style racing game released earlier this week.  Check back soon for my review on the recently released iPhone version of the arcade classic Bust-A-Move.  Happy Gaming!  Zoltan N.
Gamertag – zzzoltron


This week I’ve been on a road trip on Canada’s east coast, in Cape Breton’s Highlands. In between snapping pics and swimming in the ocean,  I’ve been practicing my skills on Guitar Hero on tour Modern Hits (DS) and I’m finding it difficult to switch from playing with the normal Guitar Hero guitar to playing with the DS version. But it’s great that it’s portable and this version has alot of great songs that I love to play! I just gotta do more strength exercises so I can hit all the keys properly.  Game Girl Tess

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