Whatcha Playin’ (Sept 26th)

whatcha playin Sept25

profile picThis weekend will be dedicated to my favorite genre of games – car racing!  With the release this week of the Forza 3 demo, I will spend some time burning the virtual rubber off the 5 included cars to get a feel for the final version, due out near the end of October.  Man I can’t wait for it!!  I’m curious to see how the graphics and physics engine compares to the GT5 Prologue, as many racers feel it to be the be-all and end-all of racing simulators.  Either way, I’m sure both games will look great from the top of the podium, which is where you’ll find me…I hope!  Zoltan N.
Gamertag: zzzoltron

photo2Well busy, busy times are here lately with our site migration (Version 2.0) AND, prepping to give you guys Canada’s best coverage of X’09 (again). I’ll probably get in some Guitar Hero 5 with some of the visiting Creatures passing by, along with some NHL 10 and poke my head next door to watch Zoli play the Forza 3 demo TO DEATH! Oh, and we finally received our copy of MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 2!! We’ll be battling heavy on that one this weekend to get you a review ASAP.   Don’t forget!! Starting Tuesday evening, we’ll be cranking out our awesome HD Video and Hands-On coverage from Microsoft’s X’09 event -All Week Long!  James S.

DSC00430This weekend I’ll be hitting up more Resident Evil 5 and (the surprisingly good) Need for Speed Shift for my PC.  I’ll also be playing through some PS3 demos with the Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, Lost Planet 2 co-op multiplayer,  and the MAG private beta.  For the PSP, my second favorite RPG franchise: Persona, gets a PSP remake for the very first game in the series.  I’ve never played the original Persona for the PSone as it’s apparently pretty rare these days so I’m looking forward to begin my long log of hours with remake this weekend.  Sean C.
PSN/Steam: shonathan

photoThis weekend I’ll be jammin’ in Negril, Jamaica! So the only gaming I’ll be able to do is on the DS… On tha beach lol! I’m thinking I’ll bring along Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. And I’m bringing along LOL for some multiplayer fun 😉  Game Girl Tess


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