Mass Effect 2 introduces new female character


New details have surfaced for Mass Effect 2 as Bioware unveiled the latest character in the game with the female named Subject Zero.  From the looks of the screens Subject Zero seems to have lived a hard life while not forgetting her sexuality, which always inevitably leads to trouble for everybody (video game or not!).  With Mass Effect being one of the leading western developed RPG franchises, the depth of the characters play an integral role in the game’s overall experience as well as the player’s attachment to the character and story.  A Mass Effect 2 slowly begins to unveil its characters, my intrigue and anticipation for it’s early 2010 release only grows.  Sean C.

Official details below and screen shots below:

Leading video game developer BioWare™, a division of Electronic Arts Inc. today revealed a key new character in the upcoming and highly anticipated sci-fi fantasy Mass Effect 2™.  Going beyond the traditional virtual character, ‘Subject Zero’ joins a cast of compelling digital actors created by BioWare to further drive the emotional, human connection in Mass Effect 2’s gameplay.

Subject Zero is introduced in the trailer released today by EA, and it’s apparent from the start that she may be too much to handle – even for Commander Shepard.  In a flurry of non-stop action showcasing her combat experience and strength Subject Zero reveals only a bit about her mysterious past, and says she’s “been around, ran with gangs, wiped out some gangs.” Viewers will be able to see a little bit of Subject Zero in action, as she proves with firepower and fighting maneuvers how valuable an ally she will be in Mass Effect 2.

In a keynote speech delivered to the International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents centered on the power of quality digital actors, Project Director Casey Hudson said, “Videogames have developed from a novel pastime into a medium with tremendous power to entertain and engage players. Compelling digital actors can bring a game world to life, and by harnessing cutting-edge technology, developers can ultimately unlock the full potential of emotionally engaging human interaction.”

With an attitude to match, Subject Zero is a formidable biotic – as powerful as she is intriguing.  Her detailed tattoos mark her favorite kills – “the good ones”.  Mystery and fascination surround this uncontrollable rebel, which will undoubtedly leave fans wanting more.

Subject Zero is the third party member to be revealed in the Mass Effect 2 universe following ‘Thane’, a deadly assassin and ‘Grunt’, an unpredictable Krogan who were introduced this summer. More details about the rest of Shepard’s crew will be revealed in the coming months

~ by consolecreatures on October 1, 2009.

One Response to “Mass Effect 2 introduces new female character”

  1. She is sick lookigand i hope there is not a romance subplot with her. PLEASE OH PLEASE LET THEIR NOT BE A ROMANCE SUBPLOT WITH HER!!!!

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