X’09 – South Park Let’s Go Tower Defense Play! (Hands On)


One might think that creating a tower defense game centered on the South Park universe may be an odd combination considering all the other genre possibilities out there for the long running adult cartoon.  However, as we got our hands on with the upcoming XBLA title South Park Lets Go Tower Defense Play! at X’09, at least for the time played, the game successfully immerses you into the South Park universe while playing (for the most part) a traditional tower defense game.

In recent times the tower defense genre has been gaining more notoriety with the success of Pixeljunk Monsters and more currently Plants vs. Zombies, while digital distribution allows the publishers to make the previously niche genre accessible to the masses.  With the South Park tower defense game, you get more or less the same type of game play packed with the signature South Park humor from turd and other show specific references to re-enforcing stereotypes like hippies and the Chinese.

South Park Lets Go Tower Defense Play Screen2
For those who don’t know the premise of tower defense gameplay, it’s simple: you’re allotted a certain amount of time to set up defense via purchasing and positioning automated towers (i.e. turrets that attack enemies in the vicinity) to prevent the oncoming horde from reaching point B from specified paths.  Once the allotted time runs out, the horde subsequently arrives to see your defense plans in motion usually with the ability to make real-time tweaks.  With South Park, the game allows up to 4 people (Stan, Cartman, Kenny, and Kyle) to play co-operatively while being able to control and attack in-real time during the oncoming attacks.  Whether it be throwing snow balls, or utilizing one of characters special attacks, the ability to control a character during enemy attacks provides players with more action while enabling a last line of defense if your plans go a rye.  This ability also allows you to collect coins produced when enemies are eliminated that subsequently allows you to buy and position more towers/turrets during or after an attack.

Fans of towers defense and casual gamers alike should be able to extract enjoyment from the title especially if you find South Park at the very least humorous.  As tower defense games become a popular mainstay as downloadable titles South Park Tower Defense Play plans to introduce the genre to the XBLA massed this October.  Sean C.


~ by consolecreatures on October 3, 2009.

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