Whatcha Playin’ (Oct/04/2009)


DSC00430This weekend, I’ll be putting some more time with Need for Speed SHIFT and Burnout Paradise The Ultimate Box for my PC.  Those two games play somewhat familiar for titles that are marketed completely different.  Also, to celebrate the huge PSPgo update on the Playstation Store, I picked up Hero of Sparta which is listed as one of the new Playstation “minis”.  Like many of the minis, Hero of Sparta is an Iphone port that was heralded as the Iphone action game of 2008, but if that’s the best the Iphone can offer at this point, I have yet to take the Iphone/Ipod touch seriously as a hardcore portable gaming device (before all you Apple fanboys bite my head off…I still believe it’s  great for applications and casual gaming…just not hardcore games despite what Jobs says) .  For now I’ll just wait until successful titles get ported to “mini” status on the Playstation store.  Sean C.
PSN/Steam: shonathan


This week I’m playing Killer7, one of the great gamecube games that was ignored by the masses. A Suda51 production, most gamers will be more familiar with No More Heroes, the game he developed for the Wii. Killer7 is an unconventional rail-shooter with a twisted and delicious storyline, not to mention some slick cel-shaded graphics, plenty of creative enemy types, and solid gameplay… Definitely one of my all-time faves for the gamecube, and I’ve replayed it every year since its release at least once just to relive the magic. In my fantasy world, Suda51 would be making a new game every day and letting me be the very first to play it; he’d also attend my birthday parties, and not just ignore my annual invitations like he does in real life.  Mike D.
Gamertag: Retneug

profile picSimulator or arcade racer, which one is it?  That’s what I aim to find out this weekend with Need For Speed SHIFT.  I plan to run a few….ok, quite a few…laps this weekend and see how it compares to my favorite racing franchise, Forza.  My initial few runs have not gone too well, but I’m hoping with some time the gameplay and physics engine grows on me.  See you at the track! Zoltan N.
Gamertag: zzzoltron

photo2ZOLI and I (since we’re just down the hall from each other)have designated Friday night as our gaming night- no work! We’re both getting burnt out from all the X’09 coverage and new site prep. I plan on guitar-ing up on a few of our various Guitar Hero titles and well as maybe some Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2. We also got in the new Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days for DS which just got snapped up by our Golden Child reviewer Michael! Look for a FULL review in about 24 hours!..guy is a machine. James S.

photoHey… I think I’ve found my new fav game! Little Big Planet (PS3). It’s too much fun…. It’s probably all I’ll be doing this weekend lol. I like that I can knock things over.. Like Humpty Dumpty!  Game Girl Tess

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