Here’s a fresh new crop of new gaming accessory goodies from Intec that we’re excited about -Hitting store shelves as we speak.  Man! we’re finally gonna have a Wii balance board in the office!!!READ ON!

intec_drumsPortable Drum Kit w/ Pedal (PS3/Wii)

This unique design features four durable drum pads, a kick pedal and a set of drum sticks. Connects to the console via USB port for a fast response time. Suction cups on the base of the kit prevents slippage regardless of how hard you pound the skins.

The built in drum silencers cushion the blows for comfort, and retractable legs provide the perfect angle to keep the beat. The removable drum pedal has rubberized tread to keep it where you need it.

When the jam session is over this compact and portable kit can hide away until the beat grabs you again! MSRP $29.99

Intec_Wii_15in1_pack15 in 1 Family Pack (Wii)

This pack contains 15 remote attachments to play with your favorite Wii sport and action games. Simply secure your Wii Controller into its base grip, hook on the attachment and let the fun begin.

Kit includes; 2 Racing Wheels, 2 Tennis Rackets, 2 Golf Clubs, 2 Wing Grips, 1 Combat Shooter, 1 Baseball Bat, 1 Fishing Rod and 4 Wrist Straps. MSRP $29.99

INTEC_Wii_BOARDAction Board (Wii)

Specifically designed to work with your Wii console and related software; the integrated pressure sensors are calibrated to perfection. Powered by 4 AA (not included) the wireless technology allows you to play up to 40 feet away from the console.

Features include built-in textured cushioned inserts to ensure proper foot placement and provide maximum comfort, while the corners glow a cool blue as you work out. Rubberized feet provide the Action Board with non-slip protection, keeping the board right where you put it. Stay fit with a friend and turn up the heat with a little competition! MSRP $79.99

intec_induction_chargerInduction Charger (Wii)

Intec’s Induction Charger utilizes the latest in charging technology. Ideal for every Wii gamer, this station will charge two remotes without having to remove the skins or wrist straps! Connects to Wii AC power supply via Y connector; indicator lights let you know when you are fully charged and the charge will last 25% longer.

Package includes two rechargeable battery packs, charging cradle and Y adaptor cable. This advanced system chargers the remote thru a magnetic field, keeping the heat in your game and not on your remotes! MSRP $39.99


The perfect fight companion!  Features 8 large easy to use buttons, 360 degree joystick with a rubberized wrist rest for comfort. A Turbo function also included with an on/off switch.

Plugs into your Wii Remote controller for a wireless connection to your console. So put up your dukes and let the fun begin. MSRP $ 29.99/Wii, $39.99/PS3

~ by consolecreatures on October 5, 2009.

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