NBA 10: The Inside now available exclusively for the PSP


So…yeah…Sony’s  NBA game entitled “The Inside” always held a back seat to the Live and 2K iterations of NBA video games on the PS3.  Where “The Inside” really found its home over the years was on the PSP.  This year, NBA 10: The Inside is exclusive to the Playstation Portable with its signature mini-games and modes unique to the PSP and portable gaming.  Going even further beyond the game of Basketball, this year’s title includes dodge ball, bowling, and more puzzle games.  Some of those mini games can also be played in the returning Conquest mode where players aim to take control of every NBA city by winning in assigned competitions.  Though NBA 10: The Inside doesn’t make its way on to the PS3 this year,  the PSP version looks to provide  a highly tailored game for the portable market with loads of mini-games and game variations that are easy to pick up and play on the go.  Sean C.

Official release below

, Calif., October 6, 2009 – Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) announced today the North American release of NBA 10: THE INSIDE available exclusively for PSP® (PlayStation®Portable).  From Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios (SCE WWS) San Diego Studio, NBA 10: THE INSIDE provides fans with an engaging basketball experience combining refined gameplay mechanics, ultra realistic player movements and interactions, and unique modes and mini-games, all on-the-go.  This year’s effort expands on the franchise’s popular “Conquest” mode and includes new carnival style mini-games offering the most diverse and feature-rich handheld NBA action available.
NBA 10: THE INSIDE demonstrates the creativity and innovation of the development team at SCE WWS San Diego Studio and their efforts to deliver a standout NBA title,” said Scott A. Steinberg, Vice President, Product Marketing, SCEA.  “With our expanded Conquest mode and unique host of mini-games, NBA 10: THE INSIDE provides an unrivaled portable experience for basketball fans and gamers alike.”

In NBA 10: THE INSIDE, the classic Conquest mode is back and has been expanded allowing players to participate in a game of territory acquisition and management where awards are used to upgrade player attributes and home city amenities.  This year fans can take on the entire country in the traditional Conquest style while playing Dodgeball (“DodgeQuest”), Give & Go (“Give&GoQuest”) or the “MiniQuest” option, which allows players to choose from one of four mini-games to compete in.

Carnival style mini-games return to NBA 10: THE INSIDE with two new additions to the roster in “Open Lanes” and “Cherry Pickin’.”  Open Lanes is a traditional 10 frame bowling game, while Cherry Pickin’ is a puzzle based mini-game with an NBA look and feel.  Additional pick up and play mini-games are also back including Shootin’ Bricks, Block A Shot, Big Shooter, Hot Shot!, Pinball and more – all of which players can enjoy anytime, anywhere.

NBA 10: THE INSIDE also boasts wireless multiplayer gameplay and expanded play-by-play and audio commentary from Inside the NBA on TNT analyst Kenny Smith and Ian Eagle providing a true-to-life NBA feel for all fans.

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