SONY PREVIEW EVENT ’09 – Lego Rock Band (Hands-On)

Iggy Pop Lego Rockband
While a 3rd version of the main Rock Band franchise has yet to be announced and obviously nowhere to be seen this holiday season, those clamoring for something new from Harmonix and MTV games can get their fix with the recently released Beatles Rock Band.  However, the aforementioned is not the only Rock Band branded game to hit the home consoles this holiday as Lego brings it unique characteristics to the franchise with…you guessed it…Lego Rock Band.

Though the announced choices to feature David Bowie and Iggy Pop as playable Lego characters in the game may contradict my statement that this version is geared towards a younger audience, that in fact is the case.    The gameplay is essentially Rock Band 2 with a new Super Easy mode that includes the ability to simplify the controls to make it more accessible (i.e. playing drums only involves beat matching with no emphasis as to what pad you hit).  The game is also sprinkled with that signature Lego design and humour instilled into new and established game modes.     One new game mode comes in the form of Rock Power Challenges in which the band’s success in a designated song contributes to completing the task at hand.  In one case, your challenged to assist a demolition team to umm…demolish a building…with…umm…the power of music….yeah…this after some vintage (voiceless) Lego cutscene tomfoolery leading up to the performance.  Each Rock Power Challenge is just as imaginitive and over the top while you can also say the same for the different performance settings taking you outside the norm from Underwater to the Moon.

Lego Rock Band
As you would expect, everything you are accustomed to in the normal Rock Band enviroment has been Legofied from the on-screen notes, character creations, tour venues  and the new Lego Rock Den.  The Rock Den serves as your hub giving you the ability to stylize and accesorize to your liking and the theme of your band, while keeping that unavoidable look associated with Lego.  In addition, with all Lego games (Star Wars, Batman, Indiana Jones) comes the inclusion of studs.  This time around studs are collected when you complete songs for you to gather and eventually unlock new venues, tour vehicles, characters and creation tools.

With a family friendly setlist (no official word yet on Rock Band DLC funtionality), a new super easy difficulty setting, David Bowie and Iggy Pop?,  as well as that unique Lego video game style, their Rock Band iteration looks to be yet another successful translation of a distinct and established universe to that of the world of Lego.  With features like the Lego Rock Den and Rock Power Challenges, along with a more imaginitve and playful setting, even the biggest Rock Band snob might be won over to add this stand alone disc to their library.  Sean C.

~ by consolecreatures on October 7, 2009.

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