Little Big Planet GOTY edition: Impressions/Top 5 exclusive bonus levels

Little Big PLanet Tumbler

I’ve been playing Little Big Planet on and off over the year it’s been released and during that time, I’ve seen the game and it’s developers win countless awards, almost broke my controller due to the sometimes frustrating jump physics, come across some amazing user created levels, come across some really crappy user created levels, and have seen the game evolve with DLC that included new game play elements like the Paintinator.

With the Little Big Planet franchise far from over, the PSP version of the title is slated to hit the platform Nov/17/2009 and this holiday season also sees the release of the original title with the Game of the Year edition.  The GOTY release is pretty much the same game up to this point with some new bonus content.  Packed into the edition will be 7 previously released DLC packs including the essential Metal Gear Solid pack that introduced new levels created by Media Molecule and the Paintonator that introduced shooting gameplay to the title.

littlebigplanet Watermill Valley

Also on disc, and exclusive to the Game of the Year Edition, are 18 brand new levels each designed by a LBP community member that had established a reputation for themselves (and PSN ID) by contributing to the top tier of levels among the over 1 million already available.  Each of the levels contain a video introduction by the creator (from around the world and in different languages) providing some background and explanation about their design and inspiration.    For those who don’t seem to be impressed much with the user generated content and/or feel overwhelmed by the number of levels available already online, these exclusive levels showcase what can be achieved with the tools provided by the game, a vibrant imagination, some skill, and a touch of humor (if you like).    The outcomes are individual levels that could be easily sold on the PSN as separate titles which I would happily pay for if not on the disc.

Those who do not own LBP yet and have never gotten around to buying it or is a fresh PS3 owner, these 18 user created levels “exclusive” to this release is reason enough to pick up the title.  Those who already own the 1st edition of LBP might be missing on some great additional game play not available online (there are ways around that…), and might have to look into the possibilities of trading in their old copy for the GOTY edition (those who slept on the DLC packs included on the disc will get more value and even more motivation to trade- in for the new edition).

Having gone through all 18  user created levels on the disc,  I present to you my top 5 (in no particular order).  Sean C. :

In Search (created by PSN ID Lokno)
The level creatively starts off with Sackboy dropping via parachute to maneuver around hazards along the way.  As you land, you are subsequently on the hunt for the elusive denim rabbit to capture and bring back to the blimp you parachuted from in the first place.

Prism Panic (created by PSN ID By Aardsy)
Stylishly minimalist in design but at times complex to navigate your way around to locate all the necessary levers to pull.  All this while continually jumping from place to place with all the  dangers of fire and ice.  The level also includes neat puzzler elements to break up the frustration from trying to precisely jump all the time to avoid death.

The Great Gratuitous Raid of Goblin-Berg! (created by PSN ID thekillermiller)
The gameplay in this level is diverse and varied.  It starts off normally enough, but you’ll soon meet the Great Wizard Grandalf providing you with a little extra help and tools to use to get you through some tough spots, be on pirate ship destroying a giant octopus, and yes…subsequently raiding the Goblin-Berg.

Bunnies in Space (created by PSNID Foofles)
A continuation of the creator’s Bunny series in the LBP community, Bunnies in Space is the most action packed of all the levels as Sackboy runs with Paintinator in hand to shoot his way through this moon base with plenty of target practice on the way.

Little Big PLanet Steampunk RObot Samurai
Steam Punk Samurai (Created by PSNID  gevurah22):
From the famed creator of the Azure Palace level, gevurah22 has already been showcased in an episode of Qore for his talents so it makes total sense to include him the GOTY edition.  First half platformer, second half side scrolling shooter, the artistic value of Saumurai theme throughout will have you in awe.

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