Powermat Home & Office Mat

A new wireless revolution has begun.  It’s changing the wireless world as we know it, and it’s not a smart phone, a GPS, or a gaming system.  It’s Powermat – an award-winning innovation that offers a completely new approach to charging electronic devices, free of multiple chargers, adapters, converters and the usual mess of wires and power sockets.  You simply have to place your personal electronic devices on the ultra-thin Powermat and it charges them easily, quickly and efficiently.

Taking the world of electronics by storm, Powermat is launching in Canada on November 1, 2009.  Easy to use, Powermat works on a two-part system that pairs a sleek, ultra-thin mat with device-specific receivers.  These receivers seamless bond to almost any electronic device including your mobile phone, iPod, iPhone, BlackBerry, GPS unit, handheld gaming system, etc.  The wireless charging technology enables you to charge up to three electronic devices – and a fourth via a special USB cable – in a single location.  Powermat is often even more efficient than the original device chargers, charging at the same rate or even faster than the original, plus Powermat cuts off power to the devices once fully charged so there is no “vampire adapter” sucking and wasting electricity.

Take your wireless charging on the road with the PowerMat Travel

Take your wireless charging on the road with the PowerMat Travel

One plug.  One mat.  Many devices.

“It’s very common for Canadian households to have multiple electronic devices, all needing to be charged on a regular basis,” says Shaun Kobrin, CEO of HoMedics Group Canada, which is bringing Powermat to Canada.  “As you can imagine, this causes quite the jumble of wires and jockeying for power sockets in many homes.  Powermat offers a simple, single source charging solution that is changing the way consumers think about their devices.  In fact, once most consumers see Powermat, they’ve got to have one.”

Powermat.  Charge your Life.

Innovation is at the core of every Powermat, and the range of products provides charging solutions for the home, the office, or while travelling:

  • Home & Office Mat (MSRP $99.99) – Charge up to three devices simultaneously on this oblong, thin-profile mat.  The mat also includes a USB port to charge a fourth device, perfect for those legacy items, and the Powercube accessory, which contains tips for multiple adapter designs.
  • Travel Mat (MSRP $99.99) – The Travel Mat includes all the charging benefits of the Home and Office Mat in a portable design.  The three interconnected mini mats fold together for easy travel and a fitted carry case is included.
  • Powermat Receivers (MSRP’s range from $39.99 to $49.99) – Each device to be charged needs its own Powermat receiver, which is built right into the case for many popular devices.

How Powermat Powers

Magnetic induction combined with Powermat’s own proprietary technology allows Powermat to safely transmit electrical power through the mat to any Powermat-enabled device placed on it. The groundbreaking technology is compliant with Energy Star® and is environmentally advantageous by facilitating an efficient and concentrated transfer of energy. Additionally, the Powermat system utilizes advanced power management capabilities, which sends only the right amount of power to each device and stops sending power when gadgets are fully charged, which saves energy, protects your device and prolongs its life.

Powermat was established in 2007 in response to the explosion of personal electronics flooding the market and the growing need for a simple solution to powering multiple devices.  Already a hit with the critics, Powermat won “Best of Competition” and a “Gold for Technology Support” at NeoCon 2009, and is one of LAPTOP Magazine’s “2009 Mobile Maverick Award Winners” and a “Best of CES 2009” pick.

Wireless charging is the new black (and it comes in a sleek black finish).  In Canada, Powermat will be available at Best Buy, Future Shop, The Source and London Drugs beginning November 1, 2009.  For more information, please log on to www.powermat.com. For interactive information, check out Powermat TV on YouTube, become a fan on the Powermat Facebook page, or follow Powermat on Twitter.

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