Majesco Entertainment Company, an innovative provider of video games for the mass market, is bridging the gap between the real world and the spirit world with the announcement of Ghostwire: Link to the Paranormal for Nintendo DSi.  Developed by A Different Game, Ghostwire is a powerful piece of software that turns the Nintendo DSi into a portal to the paranormal. The title is expected to launch in late 2010.

Ghostwire: Link to the Paranormal integrates cutting-edge technology with a unique augmented reality aesthetic to create a truly exciting  piece of software specifically designed for Nintendo DSi,” said Gui Karyo, Executive Vice President of Operations, Majesco Entertainment.  “We are thrilled to have such an innovative product in our lineup and look forward to revealing details about the experience as we approach next year’s launch.”

In Ghostwire: Link to the Paranormal, players are challenged to find and capture  apparitions trapped within their own environment by using the Nintendo DSi Camera and ghost tuner to access alternative frequencies beyond the standard Wi-Fi range. Spirits, shadows and demons all have their own personalities, so finding and “solving” them is anything but easy. Some are shy. Some are evil. And some will only interact with you if you bring them something they want. What’s more, factors like time of day and light levels will further challenge your ghost hunting abilities, but a wide range of upgradeable equipment is available to help you communicate with the other side.

Keep your mind open and ghost tuners on so you don’t miss additional communications about Ghostwire: Link to the Paranormal. Follow the game on Twitter @ghostwiregame.

~ by consolecreatures on October 27, 2009.

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