Dragon Ball: Raging Blast (Impressions)

DB_RB PS3 Pack

Dragon Ball: Raging Blast has gone gold so it won’t be long before fans of the popular anime series go gold with their favorite Saiyian warriors.

Developed by SPIKE, Raging Blast sports a whopping 70 characters including all  their various transformations. With the next gen graphics available to the PS3 and the 360, the Zenkai warriors have never looked better in then they do in this high quality cel–shaded offering.

For me, the secret to any good game adaptation is to give the player every thing that they experience from the source material and more.  Though its still too early to judge, Dragon Ball: Raging Blast looks like its on the right path. You can take your fight from the ground to the sky and even underwater with large-scale battlefields, destructible environments.

Namek_High speed battle_3

If moving targets get to be too much you can even embed your opponent into mountains, buildings and debris and continue pummeling them. Besides the transformations, all the characters in the game come with alternate costumes and customizable attacks which you can hone in a variety of play modes.  Training in the Dojo, play through the many sagas of the Dragon Ball Z series in the Dragon Battle Collection, test their skills in Super Battle Trial challenges or take the fight to a friend (on or offline,) in the versus and tournament modes.

Playing the demo currently available on X-box live and PSN will give fans a taste of what to expect but those familiar with the popular Budokai Tenkaichi series will have to learn some new tricks.


Both the execution of the super moves and their implementation can take a bit of getting used to. But once you do fights can feel fun and thrilling, but we’ll have to wait till November 10 to see if Dragon Ball: Raging Blast can come out on top. NIGEL H.

~ by consolecreatures on October 31, 2009.

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