Playstation/Activision/EB Games Modern Warfare 2 Launch (Toronto)


Playstation Canada, in co-operation with EB Games and publisher Activision, brought the Modern Warfare 2 hype to the heart of Queen West in Toronto last night.  Celebrating the midnight launch of the PS3 version of arguably one of the biggest titles to be released this year, the Playstation truck was in full force as pedestrians were drawn inside to get some early action with the game before 12 midnight.  Playstation sweetened deal by allowing people to enter their name for a draw to win 1 of 3 PS3s, 1 of 5 Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Editions (PS3 version of course), and copies of the regular edition.  Down the street at EB Games, by 10pm the crowd was already gathering in anticipation for the release, by 11:30pm crowd control was in full effect, and by today 18 -34 males are nowhere to be seen in public.  Sean C.

Pics below:

~ by consolecreatures on November 10, 2009.

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