The Xbox 360 is changing more and more from a mere gaming console into a multimedia social networking system.  Another step towards realizing this was made this week with the addition of Facebook, Twitter and Zune on Xbox LIVE.  I got the tour of these new applications and what they can do so here are some of my thoughts.

'facebook LIVE'


The interface combines the new 360 look with Facebook flawlessly.  Though sending messages and chatting is the equivalent to torture without the messenger kit the best part of the ‘Facebook LIVE’ app is viewing the pictures.  The Facebook pictures of you and your friend’s will look huge and beautiful on a quality TV and being able to set up slideshow viewing creates some nice portrait possibilities for your TV viewing. Another great advantage of this new app is to discover new friends for your LIVE gaming though this new merge of Xbox and face book. You can never have enough targets…uh I mean “friends” right?  😉

Tweet your brains out!


I am by no means a twitterhead. But it’s nice to know that for those that are, you can now proclaim your achievements to the world with this new system. Again, this is an app best utilized by having the messenger kit.

Zune = 1080 on 360


Zune, by far, the best of the three in my mind, allows you to stream full-length movies in HD! You can watch your favorite shows through your Xbox as well.  The streaming of movies looks GREAT!! I watched “40 year old Virgin” and it’s actually hard to believe that such a clear and quality image can be streamed over the Internet and on to your television. But I watched it so I am officially a believer! But don’t take my word for it.. Zune allows you to preview each movie before you rent it. Your rental is held for 14 days after purchase but once you start watching it you have it for 24 hours.  Watching TV shows is just as easy but you can download them to your hard drive and keep them forever.  All of these new mergers seem to be just the beginning for social networking on Xbox live and it will be interesting to see where it all goes.


~ by consolecreatures on November 20, 2009.

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