Password storage software for individuals allows computer users to store an addressbook-like library of security information. Callpod Keeper Desktop is one of these products which stores an encrypted database with a graphical interface. The software uses industry standard security of the database using military-grade encryption. To the average person, this means it would be very difficult and very expensive to crack into the database if it were lost. This level of security is sufficient for average users, and even some higher sensitivity consumers.

Keeper Desktop is similar to other password storage applications by allowing you to navigate a GUI and to treat your security details easily. As a product aimed at syncing with a mobile device such as iPhone/iPod Touch, Android and Vodafone, Keeper does a descent job and provides an easy installation and intuitive interface. Keeper provides search features and lots of fields to store data. With a notes field, you could even use Keeper to store different types of information beyond passwords, but with limited benefit. These features, and the graphic interface provide a well rounded tool.

Unfortunately, for users looking for a package that can be shared between a group of users, or users of other smart phones, Keeper comes up short. Very few applications allow this, but in my experience as a Systems Administrator for large and small companies, shared access to a password database is very important. The other issue is mobile sync compatibility. The common phone for most business is the Blackberry, which is not capable of using Keeper directly. That said, you can export Keeper Desktop database contents to PDF, text or SQLite. 3/5 DAVID M.

~ by consolecreatures on November 26, 2009.

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