LG shows off their new IQ

At a recent blogger event in Toronto, LG showcased their new line of smartphone products while unveiling their latest to Cananda with the LG IQ .  On hand was LG’s National Sales Manager David Sells walking us through each of their latest entries in the smartphone market and each of their respective OS’ with Eve (Android 1.5), Chocolate (LG Propriety), and the IQ (Windows Mobile 6.5).

With their latest entry, the LG IQ will feature Windows Mobile 6.5 with  new services like Windows Marketplace for Mobile for all your application and game needs.  Mobile 6.5 on the LG  will also include the  My Phone service which will provide added security via data back up, secure text and email, and remote phone lock and wipe.  In addition, the LG IQ also enables fingerprint recognition as an advanced way to lock and unlock your phone on demand.

While the Windows Mobile 6.5 OS on the LG IQ provides advanced services, the user still has the option to always switch over to the LG S-Class interface seamlessly to meet any specific preference.

Finally, while armed with a 5mp camera (standard with all the smartphones showcased that night), a projector attachment was also demostrated allowing owners to display their media anywhere they please to a group  of onlookers.

The LG IQ  joins an already stacked lineup of smartphones by the end of this year (including the LG Choclate) for Telus Mobility.  Pricing and specific release date for the LG IQ in Canada has yet to be confirmed.   Sean C.

~ by consolecreatures on November 27, 2009.

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