Whatcha Playin’ (NOV 27TH)

‘tis my birthday today so it’ll be more Buzz! Quiz World for me and whom ever is with me during this weekend.  I’m a bit of a trash talker when I’m winning, but that usually results in me being the victim of gang-ups when point stealing time comes along eventually leading to my demise.  I also picked up a couple new titles more importantly the 1-2 punch of Assassin’s Creed II and Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines for the PSP.  I probably wont have enough time this weekend to start up Assasin’s Creed II but I’ve been playing Bloodlines on the subway to get my self prepped for the the epic sequel.  Lastly, I’ll be putting in some time with Little Big Planet PSP for a subsequent review so stay tuned!  Sean C. 
Demo pick of the week: There was a huge PSN update this week but subsequtnly no demos…ah well…rather play the full games that were good enough to buy during this holiday rush. 
PSN/Steam: shonathan

This week I haven’t had much time for gaming, but when I get the chance I play GTA4. It’s really long! I didn’t expect that there would be so many missions, and to tell the truth it’s getting a little old; I hope I can stay interested until I beat it, at least. In transit I’m returning to one of my favourite game series Castlevania by playing through Circle of the Moon (GBA) for the umpteenth time.
Demo pick of the week: Not exactly a demo, but I’m pretty jazzed about the new DLC for Borderlands; I probably won’t get it, but I’m happy that it exists. =)  Mike D. 
Gamertag: Retneug

Coming off an outstanding US Thanksgiving Dallas Cowboys victory, I’ll be in a super good mood.even to spend some time shredding away part of the weekend with Tony Hawk’s RIDE! On XBOX360.Yeah, ya heard me right! It’s been kinda bashed so far review-wise, but it has its moments.I guess I’ll find out. I’m also not quite done with MW2 just yet -might never be. I miss DJ HERO, so gonna do a few sets along the way too. I also hope to find some peeps for some online Smackdown vs Raw 2010.cuz “I’M THE MIZ? AND I’M . AWE-SOME”. James S.
Demo pick of the week: Not much happening for me, but I did just download Smash cars on the PSN.

As you might be able to tell from the previous few weeks of my Whatcha Playin’ blurbs, you’ll notice that I get into one specific game and play it for weeks on end before turning my attention to something new.  Well, Call of Duty has me hooked this month, and for a FPS game to grab my focus as this one has really does surprise me!  I generally don’t have much patience for these games, which shows in my weak results from various online multiplayer attempts these past few days, but I haven’t given up.  I’m near the end of the single-player campaign, which has been a lot of fun (and a bit of stress at times, too), but my favorite aspect to this game is definitely the 2-man spec-ops.  Lock and load!  Zoltan N.
Gamertag: zzzoltan

This weekend I want to continue playing Little Big Planet on the PSP…I’m really digging playing this game on the go! (sack peeps are a great stress reliever for my breaks at work lol).  I also am looking forward to checking out Tony Hawk Ride (wii)! I’ve always thought skate boarding looked fun, until years ago when I finally tried and realized it’s scary having wheels under your feet! So this looks  like a fun alternative 😉  Game Girl Tess 

~ by consolecreatures on November 27, 2009.

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