Super Street Fighter 4 welcomes Capcom Alumni (Screens)

Yesterday Capcom announced the addition of 3 fighters with familiar faces to the SSFIV lineup .   Guy and Cody, who originally made their debut in the old arcade beat’em up Final Fight, returned to the scene in the Street Fighter Alpha series and now are ready to make their mark on the big show.  Joining them is another Street Fighter Alpha character with Adon, who in turn made his first appearance in the very first Street Fighter and is the “other” Muay Thai fighter and former pupil of Sagat.  In any case, the addition of familiar fighters with an already extensive background in the Street Fighter universe will only motivate those Street Fighter fans looking to, but not yet convinced, upgrade to the Super edition.  Sean C.

Screenshots below:

~ by consolecreatures on November 28, 2009.

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