The God of War Collection: Semi-Review (PS3)

Rather than going for our traditional review format, which works fine in it’s own right, I’m going to avoid re-reviewing what is essentially an HD re-issue of the same games that are already known as 2 of the best titles on one of the most successful systems ever.  We take look at the differences and what stays the same with the God of War Collection for the PS3.

Almost Next-Gen
The God of War collection provides long-time fans of the series the ability to play these classics in 720p and at a very fluid 60fps on your PS3, while those new to the series will be able to experience the legacy these games have created within a genre.  Nothing has been re-drawn, re-developed, nor is there an increased polygon count, it just looks smoothed out now that it’s in HD.  Though being shy of bringing it to current gen standards, the in-game graphics were already great to begin with on the PS2 and the conversion to HD and subsequently to the PS3 make this iteration obviously the premiere edition of the game especially for those new to God of War.  The only issue with the visual upgrade is that the CG cinema segments just don’t have that new shine the in-game graphics now have and just looks dated and grainy.

If it aint broke…
The gameplay itself remains unchanged.  However playing through both of the games only reminds you how innovative and enjoyable it was and still is. With combo-string attacks, quick time events, skills upgrades, and large set piece battles, the current generation of action titles still implement a similar formula today cementing God of War’s influence in the genre.  The only problem is that for those who already own the PS2 versions of the game, it might be a tough sell with this essentially being exactly the game with a fresh coat of paint and new trophies to earn (which might essentially be enough to get the hardcore fans to repurchase).  However for those new to the franchise who are fans of genre and are old enough to be exposed to some gore and a little nudity, for $39.99 it’s a no-brainer.

A God of War release in 2009

With God of War III about 4 months away, the God of War Collection is the perfect way to get prepped for the PS3’s next big AAA title due in March 2010.  Not only will you be able to access an early God of War III demo, but you’ll get two groundbreaking games in God of War 1 & 2 that are still immensely enjoyable to this date.  While veterans of the series will now be able apply their honed skills to hunt for trophies and enjoy the game in HD, newcomers get two guaranteed top-notch games (freshened up for the current gen) and a demo for almost half the price of a full fledged disc release of a game.  Sean C.


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