PSN Store Update 12/03/2009: The Legends edition

This week’s update comes at us with the appearance of legends in each of their own arenas.  Firstly we see the HD remake of the original Call of Duty that came packaged with special editions of Modern Warfare 2 and originally won countless awards as a cutting edge FPS.  We also see the release of the Champions pack II for Fight Night Round 4 which includes new playable legendary boxers Evander Holyfield, Bernard Hopkins and Sonny Liston.  To round it all out, we also get a playable demo of Bayonetta developed by the legendary Hideki Kayima of Devil May Cry fame.

This week’s update also gives us the monthly one two punch of PSN digital magazines Pulse (Free) and Qore (paid).  This month’s episode of Qore feature a look at the Saboteur and the anticipated (at least from me) Level 5 JPRG: White Knight Chronicles International Edition.    Tekken 6 offers free DLC with the Samurai Pack while the PSP get two brand new games with Beta-Bloc and Super Pocket Tennis.

Lest we not forget, we also see the release of a couple new pervy themes you can buy (of course) if it suits your fetish.  Sean C.

Full listing below:


Qore Episode 19: December 2009 ($2.99)
Qore Annual Subscription: December 2009 ($24.99)
Episode 19 of Qore: Presented by the PlayStation Network rockets to new heights in Capcom’s Dark Void, brings you an in-depth look at the White Knight Chronicles JRPG, skulks around the world of The Saboteur, and concludes our visit to Industrial Light and Magic.

Downloadable Games
Call Of Duty Classic ($14.99)
Call Of Duty Classic – French Version ($14.99) (Canada Store only)
For the first time ever, Infinity Ward’s 2003 award-winning game that launched a franchise comes to consoles. Relive the original Call of Duty experience in HD
Online multiplayer on PSN, including Leaderboard support
Winner of over 80 Game of the Year Awards and 50 Editor’s Choice Awards

PSone Classics: PS3/PSP
Command & Conquer: Red Alert Retaliation ($5.99)
Utilize clandestine activity, forbidden weapons, and disavowed tactics in a no-holds-barred battle for supremacy. Now you must decide the ultimate fate of the conflict between the Allies and Soviets.

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis ($5.99)
Join Jill Valentine, the heroine and amazing survivor of the notorious disaster at the mansion, as her nightmare continues. The next terrifying drama from the blockbuster Resident Evil Series. This unique adventure intricately reveals more of Umbrella Corporation’s nightmarish plot and picks up just hours before the events from Resident Evil 2.

Game Demos (free)
Bayonetta Demo
The demo version of Bayonetta, a cinematic, stylized action game from the creative mind of renowned game developer, Hideki Kamiya (creator of the Devil May Cry series) featuring a stylish and sexy heroine poised to become the next video game icon.

Fairytale Fights Demo
Check out the Fairytale Fights White Room Demo and sample some deliciously outrageous Hack ‘n’ Slash blood splatting action from Playlogic.

Add-on Game Content
LittleBigPlanet LBP Santa Coat and Trousers (free)
Try on our Sack-sized Santa Coat and Trousers and keep nice and warm this holiday.

LittleBigPlanet LBP Santa Hat and Beard (free)
Try on our Sack-sized Santa Hat and Beard for the holiday.

LittleBigPlanet Festive Pack ($2.99)
Get your hands on a grab-bag full of holiday themed goodies for your Pop-it tool to create your holiday themed levels.

LittleBigPlanet LittleBigPlanet Assassin’s Creed II Costume ($1.99)
Dress Sackboy as Ezio from Assassin’s Creed II!

BUZZ! Question Pack: Rock Idols ($7.99)
Are you ready for a solo? Show the competition how much you know about some of the best rock acts in music with the BUZZ! Rock Idols quiz pack, featuring over 500 new questions about rock music to play in your favorite BUZZ!: Quiz TV and BUZZ!: Quiz World game modes. Download this quiz pack today and turn your party into the ultimate trivia showdown. Challenge friends and family with new questions and “Show ‘em Your Trivia!”

Fight Night Round 4 Champions Pack II ($9.99)
Download the Champions Pack II – Bundle and receive three of the greatest boxers of all time; Evander Holyfield, Bernard Hopkins, Sonny Liston, two brand new game modes; Ring Rivalries, and Old School Rules (Offline and Online )…all for one low price.

Fight Night Round 4 Ring Rivalries ($1.99)
Relive some of the best fights in boxing history by downloading the Ring Rivalries game mode. Included are over 20 classic match-ups each with unique boxer ratings reflecting the boxer’s status at the time of the fight. Change history or recreate it…it’s up to you in Ring Rivalries.

Fight Night Round 4 Old School Rules ($3.99)
Fight like the champions of the past by downloading the Old School Rules game mode. Available for use Offline and Online. Old School Rules simulates the common rules of boxing prior to the establishment of the Marquis of Queensbury Rules.
1-2 Players
Offline and Online
No Ref stoppages for Cuts or Swelling
Round stoppages after knockdowns only

Fight Night Round 4 Bernard Hopkins ($1.99)
Download boxing legend Bernard Hopkins. Known as the Executioner he holds the longest successful title defense streak in boxing history. Seemingly ageless Bernard can mix it up or outbox you … he is the complete package. Available for use offline and Online.

Fight Night Round 4 Evander Holyfield ($1.99)
Download boxing heavy weight legend Evander Holyfield. Few in boxing history “brought it” like the Real Deal did. He is a multiple world champion in multiple divisions. Available for use offline and Online.

Fight Night Round 4 Sonny Liston ($1.99)
Download boxing legend Sonny Liston. This former heavy weight champion of the world was one of the most powerful punchers in the history of the sport. Available for use offline and Online.

Operation Flash Point: Dragon Rising Skirmish Pack ($4.99)
Download the essential ‘Skirmish’ pack to extend the unique Operation Flashpoint experience with 4 new multiplayer maps and 4 new Fire Team Engagement (FTE) missions featuring solo and 4 player co-operative play.

Tekken 6 Samurai DLC Pack (free)
Download Tekken 6 Samurai DLC Pack! With an official Cardboard Tube Samurai outfit designed by Penny Arcade exclusively for Yoshimitsu, you can turn the legendary samurai into the dual-cardboard-tube-wielding warrior as featured in Tekken 6. Plus, get limited edition Samurai Battle Banners with which to transform your favorite characters.

Guitar Hero 5
“A Classic Case of Transference” by The Fall of Troy ($1.99)
“Panic Attack” by The Fall of Troy ($1.99)
“Single” by The Fall of Troy ($1.99)
The Fall of Troy Track Pack ($5.49)
Rock Band
“New Fang”— Them Crooked Vultures ($1.99)
“You’re Gonna Hear From Me”— Night Ranger ($1.99)
“(You Can Still) Rock in America”— Night Ranger ($1.99)
“Don’t Tell Me You Love Me”— Night Ranger ($1.99)
Night Ranger Pack 1 ($5.49) – Build your Rock Band library by purchasing this song game track pack: Night Ranger Pack 01. This pack includes: “Don’t Tell Me You Love Me,” “(You Can Still) Rock in America,” and “You’re Gonna Hear From Me” by Night Ranger.
“Come As You Are (Live From MTV Unplugged)”— Nirvana ($1.99)
“Lithium (Live at Reading)”— Nirvana ($1.99)
“Smells Like Teen Spirit”— Nirvana ($1.99)
Nirvana Pack 2 ($5.49) – Build your Rock Band library by purchasing this song game track pack: Nirvana Pack 2. This pack includes: “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” “Come As You Are (Live From MTV Unplugged),” and “Lithium (Live at Reading)” by Nirvana.

Game Videos (free)
Pulse 12/3 Edition
Join host Christina Lee for PULSE presented by the PlayStation Network. This edition features the latest addition to the PixelJunk family, PixelJunk Shooter; retro titles Call of Duty Classic and Frogger Returns; the fun and fast-paced experience of Madden NFL Arcade; and the high-kicking demo for Bayonetta. Video releases include Funny People, Four Christmases, Terminator Salvation and Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian.

Gravity Crash Dev. Tutorial Video
UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves – Behind the Scenes Video 7
UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves – Behind the Scenes Video 8
UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves – Behind the Scenes Video 9

Bikini Nurse Girl Hook-Ups Theme ($1.99)
Catfight Girl Hook-Ups Theme ($1.99)
Super Cop Hook-Ups Theme ($1.99)
Santa’s Sexy Helpers Theme ($1.49)

Wallpaper (free)
topatoi: Wallpaper 4

PlayStation Store for PSP

Downloadable Games (also available from PS3 storefront)
Beta Bloc ($4.99)
Prepare your paddle for brick-breaking RPG action! 7 Dooms exist in this world, with legendary monsters waiting for your challenge! Turn your system on its side and operate the dragon paddle to fight through 120 challenging stages of brick-breaking action. Earn experience points and increase the strength and spell powers of your paddle as you take on a totally unique gaming experience mixing classic brick-breaking gameplay with RPG elements.

Super Pocket Tennis ($4.99)
Become a tennis superstar as you serve, smash, lob and volley your way to the top! Super Pocket Tennis gives you fun and exciting tennis action on-the-go as compete in singles or doubles matches with one of 20 unique characters on a variety of court types including clay, grass, hard and carpet. Hone your skills with fun mini-games and then take the action to your friends with wireless play for up to 4 players.

MX vs ATV Reflex ($29.99)
Grip tight and hang on! Think fast and hang on to your ride as you take independent control of the rider and take the ultimate test of mettle. Dual controls let you tear it up with death-defying tricks and high-flying freestyle action.

Game Videos (free)
Pulse 12/3 Edition
Gravity Crash Dev. Tutorial Video

PSP Themes
Bikini Nurse Girl Hook-Ups PSP Theme ($1.99) (also available from PS3 storefront)
Catfight Girl Hook-Ups PSP Theme ($1.99) (also available from PS3 storefront)
Santa’s Sexy Helpers PSP Theme ($0.99) (also available from PS3 storefront)
Super Cop Hook-ups PSP Theme ($1.99) (also available from PS3 storefront)

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