Earlier in the week, a few of us got some time playing online Halo 3: ODST with a few Bungie peeps, so that’s got me back on to finishing up my campaign this weekend. To my XBL friends list… YES, I will finally start my online MW2 career this weekend. I needed to clear off a few things, but now it’s time! It’s always been my Christmas break game. Love it when I’m labeled as “Fresh Meat” in the MW2 lobby. Enjoy your head start now soldiers. I also love hunting/fishing games too, so I’ll also fire up Remington Great American Bird Hunt (Wii) and especially Shimano Xtreme Fishing (Wii) for its underwater Spear mode!
Demo pick of the week: it’s a no-brainier! Bayonetta, here I come!!

I picked up Modern Warfare 2 on the PC and this whole mouse and keyboard thing just doesn’t work for me!  Should of done my research and I would of found out that PC Call of Duty games don’t support the Xbox 360 controller (as opposed to all other PC games that have a console iteration).  I didn’t grow up on PC games so mouse and keyboard controls for FPSs are foreign to me.  I’m also giving my PSP a good go with Little Big Planet PSP and Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines as both seem to make my daily TTC adventures much quicker!  Other than that, I do hope to finally crack open my special edition Assassin’s Creed II to revel in this superb Canadian production.  Sean C.
Demo pick of the week: Dirt 2 for the PC.  I always like downloading new PC game demos just to make sure my computer is still relevant and will play new releases…
PSN/Steam: shonathan

This week I went back to Halo ODST playing the game this time around with the difficulty amped and certain skulls turned on which makes it more of an enjoyable game by far. Also, I’m still questing in the world of Dragon Age: Origins. I am now in Orzammar which is a dwarven kingdom inside of a mountain. Some pretty cool layouts and quests and you get to beat down some dwarfs…how could you not enjoy that?
Demo pick of the week: Bayonetta! Its gonna be COMBOPALOOZA in 2010 people!

This week my basement is as dark as the bat cave because it seems that fresh light bulbs no longer work down there, so I’ve been spending most of my time gaming with my DS. Mostly I’ve been trying to get back all the racers in Mario Kart DS after my friend accidentally wiped all my data, but even more than that I’m prepping for my upcoming exams; Christmas break is so close I can almost TASTE it.  Mike D.
Demo pick of the week (edit: don’t think there is actually a demo out for it but it’s a digital download still- S.C.): Call of Duty Classic without question; it’s the game that started the series that contains Modern Warfare 2, so how can I not be excited?
Gamertag: Retneug

With Christmas coming up in a few short weeks, I’ll be busy most of the weekend preparing for that (read: shopping…a man’s most favorite activity </sarcasm>).  Dealing with all the crowds will certainly bring my blood to a boil, so any spare time I might have will be spent trying to pick off opponents in some Call of Duty multiplayer … help take the stress away of holiday shopping.  Having only recently gotten to level 10, I need to start making progress so I can open up some more perks.  Go Leafs go! Zoltan N.
Gamertag: zzzoltan

This weekend is gonna be busy! Saturday is a get together lunch with the neighbours… Then out for a birthday party! So in between eating and celebrating I’m going to be all Wii this weekend! I want to try out Remington Great American Bird Hunt, hoping it’s as much fun as I remember duck hunt being on the good ‘ol Nintendo 😉 Then I’m gonna go fishing with Shimano Xtreme Fishing -Rod bow spear. I can’t wait to try spear fishing… How extreme is that lol!
Then Sunday maybe I’ll have a family day and play Family Game Night 2. Some of the games I’ve never heard of, but some of the others like Jenga and Operation, were games I always wanted to play as a kid but never had the chance.  Game Girl Tess

~ by consolecreatures on December 4, 2009.

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