The Week that Was in Gaming (Nov 29-Dec 6)

We take a look at the happenings in the video game and tech world and bring you a recap of what mattered to us and what we found interesting enough to share:

Around the Web:

THQ to open new studio in Montreal
Yet another studio comes to Canada adding to their already established Vancouver studio and joining the likes of Ubisoft in Montreal

Montreal developed Assassin’s Creed II beats sales Forecast
Montreal developed Assassin’s Creed II looks to take a chunk from  Modern Warfare 2’s dominance this holiday.

Toronto developer Capybara Games reveals next project on the iPHONE
Best known for their runaway hit Critter Crunch most notably for the iPHONE and PSN, in addition to working on a Wiiware game entitled “Heartbeat”, they also revealed their new iPHONE foray together with Jim Guthrie…

Sony to fix Bayonetta for North American PS3 launch
Poor Japan, PS3 owners are rewarded with their nationalism with a crappy port of the Xbox 360 lead of arguably their best game this year with Bayonetta.  However it looks like North American PS3 owners may not suffer the same demise.

Gran Turismo 5 Time Trial out this year
So there will be some Gran Turismo 5 this year after all…

Rumours of Mirror’s Edge 2
One of the most creative and original IPs of 2008 may get a sequel if this lighting artist might have anything to say about it

Saboteur offer free nudity DLC on day one
Purchasers of the now defunct Pandemic Studios game get an interesting bonus if they buy it day one.

Microsoft goes ban happy
Ars Technica looks at the lucky job of banning Modern Warfare 2 cheaters from LIVE.

Our Top 5 this past week: launches Tiger Woods Game

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Field the Worlds Largest Army

Konami Announces North American release date for Metal Gear: Peace Walker

Need for Speed: NITRO on Facebook

Canadian Exclusive Xbox 360 Elite

What we reviewed:

NCAA Basketball 10

Stronghold Collection

The God of War Collection

Nerf N-Strike Elite

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