Whatcha Playin’ (Cold Canadian Weekend – Dec/11)

I’m so very tempted to go on a PSN spending spree.  First we got Pixeljunk Shooter as a follow up to the stylish and fun Pixeljunk Eden, while PopCap Games is enticing me with all their classics like Zuma and Peggle equipped their PSP remote play capabilities.  Meanwhile, firmware 3.15 just came out allowing me to play my PSP minis in HD on my PS3; I only have one PSP mini with Hero of Sparta but I’ll give the collection another browse to see if anything is worth the purchase.  Oh yeah…how can I forget…I picked up The Saboteur for my PC and enjoying it so far at least for it’s unique style.  Sean C.
Demo pick of the week: All these people are still on this Bayonetta trip (see below) but it’s all about Dante’s Inferno this week…kinda like a Christian version of God of War.
PSN/Steam: shonathan

This week I am playing Avatar on my PS3. It looks great but looks aren’t everything. My review for this will be up soon. After that I am playing Dragon Age: Origins which keeps getting better and better. For my fighting fix I am playing Street Fighter 4 in anticipation of Super Street Fighter 4 and Dragon Ball: Raging Blast which is the best Dragon Ball game ever made which isn’t saying much but still 😉 Nigel H.
Demo Pick of the Week: Bayonetta  all the way this week it’s all about air combos
Gamertag/PSN: tchallablk

After completing Grand Theft Auto 4, I began to wonder what other sandbox games I hadn’t given enough of a chance. This is how I came across True Crime: Streets of LA buried deep in my game collection, so that’s what I’ve been playing this week. It might look a little dated, but it makes an excellent substitute for a bona fide GTA game; once this one is done, I may have to pick up San Andreas and work on finishing that one.
Demo pick of the week: Bayonetta for sure. It’s from the developers behind Devil May Cry, so that’s an instant draw for me.
Gamertag: Retneug

I have never ever been as frustrated with a video game as COD has gotten me in the past couple of weeks.  I now understand the term “rage quit”, as I’ve done it repeatedly this past week from my futile online multiplayer efforts.  If it wasn’t for the brilliant co-op special ops missions, I don’t know if my heart can handle much more disappointment with this game.  I can’t stop playing MW2 until I figure out what I’m doing wrong in multiplayer..apologies to anyone who’s teamed up with me.  I’m sure my 2-15 rounds aren’t helping their efforts much.  If anyone has any tips or pointers for this Team Deathmatch newbie, I’m all ears.  Zoltan N.Gamertag: zzzoltan

Hey this weekend I’ll be busy making christmas cards… and cleaning up the leftover sparkles! When I’m all done I’m gonna play my usual Little Big Planet! (ps3) Then if I still have some energy I want to do a sesssion on EA Active (wii) ..cause it’s way too cold to go to a gym! Game Girl Tess

~ by consolecreatures on December 11, 2009.

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