The Week that Was in Gaming/Tech (Dec 7-13)

This week we saw a bevy of new trailers for games announced at the 2009 VGAs.  We also see news concerning two Japanese heavyeights with Final Fantasy 13 and Yakuza 3.  Not to be outdone, Canada had it’s share of siginificant tech news with Bell announcing the North American debut (yes that includes U.S.) of a new Nokia handset.

Get the rundown below:

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2009 VGA wrap-up
This year’s VGAs on Spike TV had more game announcements/debuts than ever consisting mostly of sequels.  Some were no-brainers but there were a few that were a bit of a surprise.  BTW they were also awarding excellence in Video Games in the past year that night too.

Final Fantasy XIII not so perfect
Earlier this year the Japanese Xbox 360 version of Bayonetta joined the very exclusive club of receiving a perfect score from long standing video game publication Famitsu.  Many thought it was inevitable that FF13 would join that club when it releases next week in Nippon…not so fast…

The Saboteur Review
I’ve been playing this new sandbox title throughout the weekend and reading the mixed reviews that have been popping up on the internet ever since.  The Ars review captures what I feel about the game the most; though not without its technical flaws and some shoddy writing, the game lures you with its unique artistic style and is just plain fun. A more than respectable final game to the now closed Pandemic Studios.

Playstation Firmware 3.15
Latest update confirms rumors of PSP minis games now playable in HD on your PS3. Let’s just hope the minis section gets updated more regularly with quality games.

ModNation Racers beta begins Dec/18
Finally those who purchased the Little Big Planet GOTY edition or is Qore subscriber can now put that download code to good use as the ModNation Racer beta begins this month. Other ways to get in the beta is TBA but I’m sure there will be more.

Tony Hawk Stands by his game
Activision will most likely be awarded with the highest selling game release this year with Modern Warfare 2.  But that’s not to say Activision had a few sales duds this year more notably so far with DJ Hero and Tony Hawk Ride.  Unlike DJ Hero that was generally well received, Tony Hawk Ride was panned by critics leading the man himself to step up and defend his namesake.  It could just be peripheral fatigue though…

Blizzard adds 3rd Space Vest support to WoW
I remember when I was young my Aunt bought me the Aura Interactor from the shopping channel.  Hooking it up to my Genesis I soon discovered it was essentially like strapping a speaker to your back as every bass thump from any game SFX/Music would translate to a vibration on your back…yeah…apparently it’s better now…

Our Top 5 of the Week:

Nokia announces their N97 from Bell
Nokia’s next big thing is set to make it’s North American debut on Canadian soil

New Facebook trivia app from Xbox Canada

Yakuza 3 coming to North America in early 2010
After months of Sega refusing to put the final nail in the coffin by officially announcing “no plans” to bring the Japanese hit and PS3 exclusive to North America, the hardcore Yakuza fanbase outside of Japan can now rejoice as the 3rd installment in what many call the Japanese GTA receives the localization treatment and is set to release in 2010.

Mass Effect 2’s star studded voice cast revealed

Dead Space 2 announced
One of the most successful original IP’s in 2008 gets a sequel.

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