SplitFish Ltd., will ship the much anticipated wireless DUAL SFX EVOLUTION, PC crossover controller in time to hit stores for CHRISTMAS 2009. SPLITFISH first revealed this REVOLUTIONARY latest addition to its line of innovative controllers for PlayStation®3 at E3 and GAMESCON 2009, as part of SplitFish’s brand-new Frevolution X System. SPLITFISH will have the new DUAL SFX EVOLUTION in stores by end of DECEMBER 2009.

The DUAL SFX EVOLUTION will be a sport, action and casual player’s dream with the freedom to punch, wrist flick and swing the controller to trigger your favorite pre-programmed melee shots, kicks and checks – not to mention a fast action button layout and motion integration when you want it for driving, snowboarding or skateboarding.

If you want more interaction with your action titles – this is a perfect upgrade or replacement to any standard stick controller for all games. This is a revolutionary, wireless, upgradable, two part, FREVO – adjustable analog stick controller that promises a superior new level of intuitive experience for console gamers of any skill level. The fully featured controller gives all the best analog stick control can offer PLUS it offers up assignable dual independent wireless motion for sixaxis or analog stick emulation as well as “wrist flick” button triggering. No other controller provides Sports and other Action game title fans this level of enhanced, intuitive, performance capabilities – made specifically for fan favourites like FIFA, MADDEN, H.A.W.X., Fight Night, and even has some fun functions for LITTLE BIG PLANET.


~ by consolecreatures on December 15, 2009.

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