Resident Evil 5 “Desperate Escape” expansion confirmed and detailed

Capcom has revealed the second downloadable episode in the Resident Evil 5 story arc entitled “Desperate Escape”.  In this episode you take control of a recently liberated Jill Valentine and agent Josh Stone as they fight their way to escape the Tricell facility.  Desperate Escape will follow up Lost in Nightmares and will be available for download Mar/04/2009 and both episodes will be included in the Gold Edition re-release of the game on Mar/09/2009  only for PS3 and Xbox 360 (sorry PC owners of the game…at least you can play your copy in 3D and already have extra costumes for Sheva and Chris) .  Sean C.

Official release and screen shots below:

You’ve seen the horrors of LOST IN NIGHTMARES. You’ve seen Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar in new costumes fighting for their lives in THE MERCENARIES REUNION. Now join Jill Valentine and BSAA Agent Josh Stone as they escape from the Tricell facility in DESPERATE ESCAPE, the second downloadable episode for RESIDENT EVIL 5.

Recently freed of a mind control device, a fatigued Jill Valentine has collapsed. Awoken by BSAA agent Josh Stone, Jill and Josh work together to escape from the Tricell facility under the darkness of night. Fighting off unrelenting waves of enemies in heart pumping blockbuster action, Jill and Josh race to assist Chris and Sheva in their final showdown with Albert Wesker.

Simultaneous with the releases of DESPERATE ESCAPE and LOST IN NIGHTMARES, new costumes for Chris (Heavy Metal) and Sheva (Business) will be made available, allowing the player to experience RESIDENT EVIL 5 with a fresh new look and feel through both game play and cut-scene playback.

Chris and Sheva in these new costumes as well as Josh Stone will also be playable in the refreshed THE MERCINARIES REUNION. Along with the two previously announced characters, Chris (Warrior) and Sheva (Fairy Tale), these are the first five of eight characters announced as playable in THE MERCENARIES REUNION. Each with their own unique weapon load-outs, these new characters provide additional challenges as the player aims to shoot down as many enemies as they can within a limited time. Chain together your kills, extend your time and rack up points. Featuring the most extreme weapon selections, THE MERCENARIES REUNION provides hours of new strategy induced kill sprees.

DESPERATE ESCAPE, LOST IN NIGHTMARES and all new playable characters for THE MERCINARIES REUNION will be available via a RESIDENT EVIL 5: GOLD EDITION that will include the original game plus all additional content. The ultimate RESIDENT EVIL5 experience, RESIDENT EVIL 5: GOLD EDITION will be available for $49.99 as a single Blu-ray disc for the PLAYSTATION 3 or as a DVD with a token for the downloadable content for XBOX 360.
release schedule of all additional content:

360 Costume Pack 1 2/17/10
360 Costume Pack 2 3/3/10
PS3 Costume Pack 1 2/18/10
PS3 Costume Pack 2 3/4/10
360 Disc + download token 3/9/10
PS3 All content on disc 3/9/10

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