Pre-load MAG today before public beta goes live Jan/04/2010

Putting in some time with the initial MAG beta, I think it’s safe to say that amateurs need not apply.  Developed by Zipper Interactive, MAG is a massive online, squad based shooter with up to 256 players simultaneously.  With Zipper’s reputation in tactical gameplay which they’ve established with the long running SOCOM series (“Confrontation” excluded), MAG is the next evolution for the revered studio and online multiplayer  gaming for the PS3.

Since the first beta, MAG has evolved with multiple patches and numerous versions with a new public beta going live Jan/04/2010 making it version 5.  The beta only lasts 6 days up to Jan/10, so as early as today you’ll be able to pre-load and install the data so that you’re ready when the servers goes live.  No download code needed, no pre-order has to be made; just 2.3 gb of hard space and an online connection.  See you online Jan/04!

MAG has now gone gold set for full release Jan/26/2010
For full details check out Zipper’s official post on the Playstation Blog:

~ by consolecreatures on December 22, 2009.

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