Speakal looks to crank the holidays to eleven with the new and trendy iPom with two flower-shaped speakers and a rocking 12 Watts subwoofer along with it’s latest model: The MI-SOCCER! GOOoooooOOOOaaALLLL!!!! full details, availability and pricing BELOW.

“With the markets focusing primarily on delivering music through iPod, iPhone, and MP3 players, the iPom offers a new solution for the consumer who stores music on USB drives or SD cards,” said David Solomon – CEO.

The new eco-friendly apple shaped iPom speaker comes in 3 different vibrant colors – White, Red and Green- with two detachable flower-shaped speakers. It allows you to enjoy music from a variety of media such as USB flash drives, MMC/SD cards and from any other music source that connects through a 3.5 mm input jack such as iPod, MP3 players, Zune, CD players, computers, or gaming consoles.

“We are pleased to launch the new iPom before the Holiday Season. With its unique visual appeal, the iPom delivers a truly remarkable sound experience,” added Mr. Solomon.

The consumer can easily dock the flower speakers on top of the apple or enjoy a sound surround effect by having one or both speakers docked separately in their pots and positioned in different angles.

Priced at $99.99 the iPom is available at www.Speakal.com and through authorized retailers and e-tailers in the U.S.A. and Canada.  In Canada, The iPOM is available at The Source for $119.00


Unique Design:

The iPom has the shape of an apple that is topped with two colorful flower-like speakers that catches and pleases the eye.

Touch of fashion:

The iPom comes in three vibrant colors that complement your home office, bedroom, dorm room, or home décor and that brings in new vivid looks.

Sound Quality:

The iPom has a bass reflex technology and an air flow optimized design to consistently deliver a constant outstanding sound. The user can place the flower shaped speakers in various positions and angles depending on their taste and still enjoy a 360 degree sound surround effect too.


The consumer can play music from USB flash drives, MMC/SD cards or from any audio or gaming device that has a 3.5 mm jack such as iPod, iPhone, MP3 players, Zune, Wii, PS3 etc.

Humanized Touch Control Technology:

The different controls on the apple shaped speaker allow the user to amplify or reduce the volume, play or pause the music, or select the desired track by gently touching the appropriate control.

ROHS compliant / GREEN:

The iPom efficiently utilizes minimal energy and is manufactured using environmentally friendly components.

For more information about Speakal, visit www.speakal.com

mi-Soccer iPod docking Station

“As The World Cup Championship nears ‐ the world’s largest sporting event for Soccer players and fans ‐ Speakal is thrilled to present the mi‐Soccer to its’ Music and sports fans” announced David Solomon, CEO. “Our goal is to introduce innovative and quality audio products that relates to one’s life style and that expresses who we are and what we like.”added Mr. Solomon. The mi‐Soccer boasts 23+ watts of high quality sound through a 15 watt subwoofer and two multi‐way speakers. Along with its superior sound quality, the mi‐Soccer offers many innovative features, such as its compatibility with all of the iPods with dock connector, the Humanized Touch Control, the remote control that manages the sound and its quality as well as the docked iPod.

Priced at $119.99 the miSoccer is available today at www.speakal.com/misoccer.html


Spherical Design:

The spherical design allows the strategic placement of speakers to produce a true 360° sound distribution.

Sound Quality:

In addition to the 15 watts subwoofer and the two multi‐way speakers, the mi‐Soccer comes with a super Hi‐Fi amplification system with a dynamic airflow optimizer and a cooling exchange system. All these are designed to work together to produce a consistent high quality sound.


The mi‐Soccer plays and charges iPod Mini (all generations); iPod Nano (all generations), iPod Classic 3G, 4G, 5G, 5.5G, 6G; iPod Touch (all generations). It also plays music from any audio device or MP3 player that has a 3.5 mm jack such as an iPod Shuffle, a Microsoft Zune, Computers, CD Players or gaming consoles.

Humanized Touch Controls:

The different controls printed on top of the mi‐Soccer allow the adjustment of the volume level and the selection of the desired track by a gentle touch.

Remote Control:

The multi‐functional remote manages the volume levels, the bass and treble, and also allows you to fully control the docked iPod

ROHS compliant / GREEN:

The miSoccer efficiently utilizes minimal energy and is manufactured using environmentally friendly components.

Available Colors:

Black & white, Red & white or Blue & white

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  1. […] Speakal launches the i-Pom and mi-Soccer Link: https://consolecreatures.wordpress.com/2009/12/22/speakal-launches-the-ipom-and-mi-soccer-docking-spe… […]

  2. thanx for the info 🙂
    happy new year though…

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