The Week that Was in Gaming/Tech (Dec 14-20)

We take a look at the past week in gaming/tech news including the return of some favorites, the introduction of new standards, a look at upcoming titles, and a rumor not so confirmed or justified.

Around the Web

Past meets present: Original Left 4 Dead cast coming to Left 4 Dead 2

And the most predictable news item goes to: Final Fantasy 13 sells a million copies in Japan.

Oh the internet!  What will we do with you!?! You always tend to over react when a console maker patents a new trademark especially when it resembles the name of your current system…just only a little different.  Welcome to trademark protection.  I must say though, I’ve been really enjoying my Wii during the holiday season even if it is only for 2 main reasons: fitness and entertaining guests.  Despite all the external pressures to introduce a HD friendly system, so far Nintendo stayed firm to continue to ride the current Wii wave which still has a higher install base than any other system this generation…so what’s the rush?

Right about now, Heavy Rain is my most anticipated game of 2010.  Recently, Sony held a press event in New York allowing guests to play further into the upcoming Sony exclusive. Love it or hate it the game is set to take you on an emotional journey.

Microsoft and Sony are set to release their own motion controllers in 2010.  Yet another developer compares the two.

Take-Two CEO avoids stating that the Xbox 360 exclusive GTA DLC was a flop but goes on to say it could have been “more profitable”.

Mark your calender, warm up you digital TV recording device, Video Games Live is coming to…fittingly: PBS!

So the next big thing in home entertainment will be 3D.  With the groundbreaking success of AVATAR, Sony prepping 3D enabled PS3 games, and NVIDIA already offering 3D enabled PC games, the Blu-Ray Association has just released specifications for Blu-Ray 3D.  Oh wait…I have to buy a new HDTV that supports 3D?  I just bought a new HDTV!…at least the PS3 will be able to support the new format.

With XIII released only this week in Japan and yet to be released in North America, Square Enix starts taking beta applications for their next online MMO Final Fantasy XIV.

Media Molecule has gone on to say that rather than creating a sequel to the critically acclaimed Little Big Planet, they would rather see the game expand significantly over time.  LBP gets another significant game play expansion with WATER.

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