The Week that Was in Gaming/Tech (Dec/21 -Dec/27)

No major announcements coming out of major companies this past week due to the holidays.  However we do see an image tarnished, a David over a Goliath, and an odd looking downloadable game coming to WiiWare.  As always be sure to check in every week (at least) for the latest happening in the world of tech/video games.  Sean C.

Around the Web

Blackberry Fail
This past week the popular Blackberry Messenger service from Canadian company RIM took a beating as service was down on the popular messanging service exclusive to Blackberry phones.  Though a new patch for the BBM app has since been released resolving the issue, Blackberry’s image may take a bit longer to heal.

One for the (Canadian) little guy
Toronto based firm has recently won a U.S. court ruling over Microsoft over it’s XML based patent used in popular applications such as Word 2003 and 2007.

The disappearnece of Duke Nukem’
Wired Magazine’s look at the epic demise of the Duke Nukem’ franchise and it’s develpoment studio 3D realms

No video games before the big (sports)game
Let’s hope there are no gamers on Canadian Men’s Olympic Hockey team!

Popularity can be a bad thing…kind of
With the holiday influx of new Xbox 360 owners and Xbox Live accounts, it’s becoming to be a regular thing that the servers get overloaded this time of year.  But don’t think that arguably the best online gaming providers haven’t learned a thing or two.

Our top 5

Speakal launches the i-Pom and mi-Soccer

Early pre-load for the Jan/04/2009 launch of the latest MAG beta

Last week’s “The Week that was News Round up”

Latest American Pie DVD release (gotta love Eugene Levy for staying in all of them)

Muscle March trailer for WiiWare

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