The Week that Was in Gaming/Tech news (Jan/12 – Jan/18)

We’re back with our weekly round-up of gaming and tech news from us and around the web.  Now that the holidays and CES  are over and done with, we can now get back to regular flow of news that is only now starting to re-appear.  Here’s what caught our eye this week:

Around the Web

Madworld 2?
While critics and fans rave over Platinum Games’ recent release with Bayonetta, the Wii market for non-casual games is seemingly getting harder and harder to crack. That’s why it’s surprising to see the lead designer of the artistic, ultra-violent,f-bomb ridden Madworld for the Wii say he and Platinum Games would be open for a sequel.

With the Xbox 360 turning 5 years old this year, one might think the brand is due for another generation.  But with the release of Project Natal and Xbox Live’s further integration into home entertainment outside of video games, it looks like there is no reason just yet unveil an heir apparent.

DJ Hero sequel confirmed
Even though sales for this new “Hero” game was a bit disappointing (in a year we saw 9 “Hero” games released), Activision is sticking by it for now hoping the franchise will gain popularity after a couple of improved sequels.

Gran Turismo 5 delayed in Japan.  In North America you can’t delay a non-existent date.
The more and more you delay a game, the higher the expectations regardless if those same expectations have reached and unattainable level setting it up for disappointment.

The Independant Games Festival has spurned many gems for the PC (and subsequently for the consoles) over it’s inception and this year doesn’t seem to any different.

David Jaffe, the man responsible for the God of War and Twisted Metal franchises for the Playstation has only one PS3 title to his independent studio’s name which is Calling All Cars.  Even though a decent PSN title originally priced at $10 and subsequently given away free to all Qore subscribers, the online activity was almost non existent.  As the servers shut down as result of this inactivity, Mr. Jaffe bids an honest adieu to the game.

Our Top 5

Mass Effect DLC Deal Drops Before Sequel

CO-OP Scenario Campaign for Tekken 6 goes online

Ubisoft Executive Summary

Majesco Releases Serious Sam HD The First Encounter On Xbox Live Arcade

New Forza 3 cars released during The North American International Auto Show

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