Weekend SCREENing: MotoGP 09/10 demo and DLC confirmed

Moto GP 09/10 is set to drop in March detailed with all the up to date information from the 2009 MotoGP season and continually being updated from the current 2010 season via DLC. On top of these updates, Capcom has also unveiled the details for the DLC for the game with bike packs coming for 800cc, 600cc and 125cc classes along with new additional tracks.
Players will have the opportunity to race in all three classes in Time Trial or Arcade mode in the announced demo currently slated for a month prior to release.  Sean C.

Official release and screens below:

Capcom’s ultimate in two-wheel racing, MotoGP 09/10, is speeding towards store shelves this March.  To give gamers the most up-to-date racing experience, the game will offer players all the riders, tracks and teams from the official 2009 MotoGP season along with free downloadable content to allow you to race the 2010 season as it unfolds.

Just announced at this week’s Silverstone event, the first downloadable pack will include the 800cc bike class with bike, rider and team liveries, plus the new tracks for the 2010 season – Silverstone (UK) and Balatonring ( Hungary ).  The second free DLC pack will include the 600cc and 125cc bike class with all the bike, rider and team livery updates. Both packs will be available for download shortly after the games release.

Additionally, Capcom will be releasing a demo on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 about a month prior to launch, so keep your eyes peeled! The demo will feature the Mugello track and all three bike classes. Play as your favorite rider here in a battle to cross the finish line and be the star of the MotoGP season in Championship mode or race against the clock in Time Trial. For those who like to take risks, you can show off your skills in the arcade mode where extra time will be added for pulling off daring tricks but put in a bad performance and your dreams of making the poll position will be over.

~ by consolecreatures on January 30, 2010.

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