CyberConnect 2 announces Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Follow-up

You may not be able to read Japanese (uhh…wait neither can I.) But trust me this is good news. Japanese Developer Cyberconnect 2 announced a follow up to their hit PS3 game Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm. But, this time around the X-box 360  owners will be able join in the Ultimate Ninja fun. That’s right the Ultimate Ninja Storm follow up will be released for both X-box 360 and PS3. I find the Ultimate Ninja Storm moving across platforms as an interesting move.  Gamers may remember that when Ultimate Ninja Storm first came out that Canada’s Ubisoft had their own Naruto game, “Naruto: Broken Bonds”  in the offing. Fans debated which one was better with critics hailing Naruto: UNS as graphically superior but shallow in game play. This upcoming  follow up will take gamers through the Naruto Shippuden arc anime franchise where the all the original characters are years older and possess evolved powers. I am for one am definitely excited to see how the gameplay will evolve.  check out the trailer and share your thoughts on this upcoming anime adaptation.


~ by consolecreatures on February 4, 2010.

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