The Week that Was in Gaming/Tech News (Jan 27-Feb 03)

Yes, it’s that time again as we look back at the past week in gaming news that tickled our fancy.  This week includes lots of RPG news involving heavy hitters in Zelda, Final Fantasy and it’s original creator, and Mass Effect 2.  Sean C. 

Around the Web

The Last Story Announced for Wii
So Final Fantasy: The Crystal Bearers on the Wii had a lukewarm response when it released before the end of 2009 and the main series is nowhere to be seen as it releases for the 360 and the PS3 this March.  But fans (in Japan at least) can find solace that the original creator of Final Fantasy and his studio have announced a new title for the Wii

Recycle cycle.
Just something to think about before you dismiss that “collectors edition” of a game.

Mass Effect 2 not coming PS3…ever?

PS3 fans shouldn’t hold their breathe for a port to be announced of arguably what will be one of the best games of 2010.

FFXIII on the PS2?
Final Fantasy XIII has come a long way.   From so far back that it was originally a PS2 title.  Here’s what it looked like.

Zelda goes Wii MotionPlus

Whether or not the next Zelda game for the Wii will release this year, one thing that seems more likely is that the next title will feature the Wii MotionPlus control scheme.

Ripping into the Tester
So the PSN will feature a new reality series called “The Tester” created together with the people responsible for Flavor of Love. Huh?  The trailer looks watchable but in reality (no pun intended) how fun would that job be which doesn’t even pay well.

Conviction set in stone
Delay after delay, it looks like Ubisoft may have set the Splinter Cell: Conviction release date in stone. Literally

PSP gives it another go?
After a disappointing launch and a number of of moves that just didn’t make sense (priced higher than UMD PSPs, new games not available day one, no UMD to digital transfer, no real unique selling proposition), talk has been that the PSPgo might get another shot to make an impact.

What we reviewed

Death by Cube
Glory of Heracles

Our top 5

GTA: Episode from Liberty City coming to PS3/PC
Whatcha Playin’ Episode #3
After Burner Climax Announced
Assault Heroes now available
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Console Demo and PC Beta

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